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  1. take a light zinc supplement, just in case. also give up high glycemic sugar foods (especially soft drinks and fruit juices), as a large spike in blood sugar could theoretically make your acne worse. i'd get into the whole candida thing, but that's all theory and who knows if it's true. for a regimen i'd use benzoyl peroxide on the back prior to showering. when you shower, wash your back with some kind of salicyclic acid. then, at night before bed, i'd use the following on your back: tea tree
  2. finally made the decision to pursue an elimination diet about a month ago. i was so frustrated, as my skin was getting worse no matter how much effort i made in treating it. so i decided to cut out wheat and dairy (all except for eggs). it was very difficult, and i did experience a few hiccups along the way - eating a bit of wheat flour and dairy at times by accident. but slowly but surely, my skin cleared up almost completely. especially my back, which was a welcome sign. my scalp also stopped
  3. anyone know of a good cheap copper peptide product/serum?
  4. I actually use hydrocortisone somewhat regularly, and have for years without any bad effects. Only with cystic acne, and it works wonders. Whenever I get something hideous, I constantly put a layer of tretinoin gel followed by 1% hydro and it always clears up REAL fast. The main reason I use the hydro is to help prevent any scarring, and I feel that as long as I use the tretinoin it will help my skin stay healthy (as long as the hydrocortisone isn't abused).
  5. Here is the study I am referring to in pdf form: Green tea extract helps acne and the same study discussed in blog form: Green Tea and Acne and another study concerning rosacea: Green Tea Shows Anti-Acne Properties More studies should be done, but it's likely that pharmaceutical companies won't invest the time and effort into something natural like Green Tea - even if it works - due to the fact that they can't patent it for themselves. Kind of like how pharm companies dump truckloads o
  6. green tea also doesn't bleach clothing. thats a nice perk as well.
  7. Tastes great. Has just as healthy a profile as green tea, but offers greater anti-inflammatory benefits. Doesn't have any caffeine so it's perfect to drink as a nightcap. Works as a great nighttime alternative for regular green tea drinkers. Just thought I'd pimp another shade of tea on here.
  8. Studies have shown that a 3% green tea extract in topical form is just as effective as 4% benzoyl peroxide in treating acne. A green tea product would also have less side effects (redness, dryness, sun sensitivity) and would provide a significant amount of antioxidants (good for sun-damaged skin, preventing aging of skin). There are no reasonably priced products like this out on the market. Just sayin...
  9. You may be strange. I don't know you, I'm in no position to make a good judgement. But applying Green Tea to your face does more to help your acne than drinking it (albeit drinking it is very healthy for your entire body). It works as well as benzoyl peroxide but offers less side effects and great amounts of antioxidants. If only I could just find a reasonably priced green tea facial gel/cream!! linked study about topical green extract and acne
  10. Have you been able to find this at WalMart before? I'm having a hell of a time finding anything online or at Walgreens.
  11. Drinking green tea is great for you. I drink probably four cups per day. But in studies where it is topically applied (in extract/lotion/gel form) to the face, it has proven to be very effective in fighting acne. Not only that, but it's a great antioxidant as well. I just need to know where to find a good topical green tea gel without spending an arm and a leg!
  12. I am looking for a product with green tea that can be used in somewhat similar fashion to the BP used in Dan's regimen. Does anyone know of any facial green tea product out there that isn't exorbitantly expensive? I found a gel made by Origins that looks great, but it's like $32 for 30 grams - well beyond my means. Anyone know of anything cheaper out there?