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  1. Thankyou once again for your reply! And for replying so promptly to my messages! I must confuse you and everyone else so much because im jumping from wanting to do one procedure to another (i dont know what i want or need clearly) which is why i try to take in your advice as much as possible. Here is my final plan of attack - im going to be looking into a dr who can help me with sculptra to plump up my skin from below and stretch out the scars that way (my scars flatten when stretche
  2. Having a bad mental day today guys. Over the last week or so i started really perking up about my skin. My skin looked good in selfies, in my hand held compact mirror and even in the cars side mirror.. my confidence was up again! Then all it takes is to see a photo that someone else took of me to have my confidence come crashing down. Why dont i look the same in a mirror in comparison to a photo taken of me? Why does my compact mirror show less scarring and someone elses photo shows
  3. @beautifulambition thank you for your reply, i will completely get that idea out of my head then! Thanks again! I have another question if you dont mind - ive been reading up on adapalene (differin) in 0.3% and am thinking it will be more beneficial than continuing to use retin a, do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks
  4. @beautifulambition i have a question i hope you can answer! Ive seen a lot about the spectra laser peel lately, would this be used for more superficial skin issues rather than atrophy? Looks like a convenient treatment as theres no downtime etc
  5. I just found a very unflattering (cringe) photo of my left side and just wanting some thoughts - is this volume loss? I dont seem to have much volume loss, if any on my right side but the left side definitely seems different in scarring. Any advice would be great
  6. Thanks for everyone's kind words ! Im coming into a bit of money in the next couple of months so ill be giving voluma a go and continuing peels and retin a in the meantime. I just did a 70% glycolic peel lastnight after not getting much result from the last one (no flaking etc) this time it burned, i used an ear bud and layered it a couple of times, it seemed to penetrate moreso in one area on my left cheek which still feels hot to the touch since lastnight - this is definitely the most intense
  7. It is so incredibly hard not to obsess about something that is on your face for the world to see - i get it, believe me! Ive found the days i dont look at myself as much are the days i am happiest!! Crazy isnt it! I do believe subcision is a great stepping stone (not the be all or end all) but definitely needed to do some of the lifting/raising before smoothing the surface so fingers crossed you find someone! I just wanted to update on my right side after consistently using retin a at night
  8. Oh wow really? Thanks for the tip - it doesnt annoy me much just when i put foundation on it looks peely and like the makeup is separating. Will keep this in mind thankyou!
  9. I just wanted to point out that when i started using retin a, i would always put it on in the morning before my makeup and never found my skin dry or flaky, now that i put it on before i go to sleep my skin is very flaky and peely, i kind of like it because i know its working now.. just like crazy exfoliation everyday. I wish i had this from the very beginning! I dont think ive gotten any new scars from the retin a like ive seen other people complain about either.. Just my 2 cents to anyone
  10. Oh wow really, you think? I wouldnt go that far but thank you, its always nice to see comments like yours! even though my goal will always be to have perfectly smooth skin, my aim for now is just to make everything as smooth as possible and concentrating on what i CAN change (volume, texture, etc) I want so badly to be able to go barefaced, thats a big goal of mine.. no makeup ! Fingers crossed i get there eventually! Thanks again for the kind words
  11. Im in adelaide i will start calling around though i find that if i call or email their response is always about coming in for a consult..... annoying! Why does age determine how much they'll use? I found a good review on voluma so ill be researching that now too! Thanks for the guidance once again!
  12. Thankyou! Ive had a look at what you suggested and woah ! Sadly im having trouble finding anyone who administers sculpra where i live i get it though, if someone could be injected under the whole scarred area it would plump it and stretch/smooth the scars. Does anything else have this same affect that you know of? Or just sculptra? Thank you!
  13. Also, BA, when i research sculptra and look at before/afters, i can't seem to find ANY that are scarring related - and the ones I have found which are aging related etc dont look very dramatic which makes me fear the result wont be worth doing as I feel I need a dramatic change to feel my scars have improved - these results look very subtle? Thanks!
  14. Hi again BA, I feel like from what I've seen so far, no one in my area really offers Sculptra and if they do there's no online reviews etc for the performing Doctor which makes life hard I think sculptra sounds promising its just finding someone to perform it - I dont want to waste money going to someone who isn't an expert in the field and then 'thinking' it doesnt work because the injector was crap, you know? Life is so hard! I haven't heard of clear and brilliant before, any success stories
  15. I just did my first 70% glyoclic peel and can you believe it... it feels WEAKER than the 50%?!?!?! pretty disappointing.. it didnt bother me as much as the 50% and i felt like i could leave it on for longer.. so annoying. In regards to sculptra - i was just put off fillers after my experience - a lot of money for no results - on top of that, i havent read any success stories using sculptra or seen any mind blowing before/after pictures. I feel like im running out of options and its really get