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  1. I went through a period of about 2 months were I was really dry, then it went away. Lubes helped.
  2. There are so many types of cosmetic procedures that you can do after you course of accutane to improve the look and texture of your skin.
  3. What about having some cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of the scars?
  4. I have some scars on my knee that are over 2 years old. I noticed recently that they are pinker than they were...especially around the edges. I'm guessing that accutane is the cause?
  5. I went through something similar...for 20 years. Medications helped (some better than others), but nothing completely cleared me...and stoppping meds the acne returned. I started accutane a few months ago....wish I had done it sooner.
  6. I stay away from GNC...pricy and they push their own products. I go to Henry's Marketplace, which is Wild Oats in other parts of the country. This is great place to get them online... http://www.willner.com/
  7. My dentist told me that accutane can cause mouth/gum problems because of the drying effects. Even though you may not feel like you have a dry mouth, it is probably dryer than normal. He explained to me that saliva protects your gums and teeth. You might want to try a moisturizing mouthwash like Oasis.
  8. A sauna can cause dehydration, I'd be very careful... As to the chemicals in a pool, as long as you are not having a lot of irritation, I'm sure it would be fine. Make sure you rinse off as soon as you get out of the pool, and then moisturize.
  9. I had the same thing, it went away by the third month.
  10. I've been taking Omega 3-6-9 capsules (fish oil) since the start of my course. I was a bit achy the first 2 months, but that went away. Re the blood work. I had it done prior to tane, and then one month into treatment. My derm told me that since my levels were fine, there was no reason to do additional tests. I asked about it on these boards, and it seems that most derms do not do monthly blood tests if your levels are good. I guess if there is going to be a problem, it shows up right awa
  11. A saline nasal spray has been enough for me.
  12. I really like Aveeno's Ultra Calming Foaming Face Wash.
  13. Go to an esthetician that works in a dermatolotists office and get an acne facial. My insurance covers these treatments, so check in to it. They call it "acne surgery." I had a lot of clogged pores and milia, when I started accutane. Even though I was getting clear, the clogged pores needed to be extracted. The facials helped so much, and I wasn't damaging my skin by trying to get rid of them myself. A good esthetician will recommend products that work well at keeping the pores clear.
  14. If you go to a good derm, they'll want to know your history with acne...how long you've had it, what types of breakouts, what you've tried in the past, etc... Have a list of questions, so that you remember to ask everything. If you are not ready to try accutane, don't get pressured into taking it. There are lots of acne meds to try, and you might be one of the ones that they actually help. I've been going to drs for acne for years, and my current derm was the first one to prescribe Sulface