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  1. My Favourite Moisturizer

    This is a great moisturizer! My skin gets a little drier in the winter and a little oilier in the summer, but otherwise it is pretty normal. This moisturizer has a gel-like texture and feels light and cool on my skin. This product is easy to mix with sunscreen. I think the ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide have really helped improve the texture and barrier of my skin. My skin is definitely smoother since I started using this. This moisturizer does not worsen my acne. I think this pr
  2. I feel your pain, literally, because I have one of these right now! It might be a cyst or nodule, or it could be a huge zit. When I get one of these, I usually put some ice on it in the morning to reduce the swelling, inflammation, and redness. Just put an ice cube in a plastic bag and gently hold it against the zit for about 5 minutes max. You can ice it throughout the day if you like, these zits can hurt and this helps to take away some of the pain! If you notice the zit getting smaller or g
  3. An Amazing Product!

    This product is gentle but effective. It cleanses the excess oil from my skin along with any makeup or sunscreen I might be wearing, but never leaves my face feeling tight or dry. It's pH balanced so it will not throw your skin out of whack like some cleansers. It produces a nice, light foam without any sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate. It might seem a little pricey initially, but you a get a huge bottle; one lasts me about 5 months. I think this is a really well-formulated product, and I would re
  4. Works Well but Does Not Remove Makeup

    This cleanser is a pretty good product! It has a really nice feel on the skin; light and cool. It's very gentle, so it would be great for someone with sensitive or easily irritated skin. I applied it when my skin was dry and rinsed it off with warm water. The only downside is that it does not remove makeup, so if this is your sole cleanser, any foundation/concealer/powder etc. is not effectively removed, and this can cause or worsen acne. As long as you pair this with a makeup remover or makeup
  5. Expensive, Only One of 3 Products is Effective

    I used this system for 3-4 years before I found something better. To me, it does a great job of getting my skin back on track after a breakout, but it doesn't do much for skin in the long term. The Salicylic Acid in the foam cleanser and toner is ineffective; both products have a pH too high for the Salicylic Acid to do its job and the toner is full of alcohol, something that will NOT help your skin at all. The only acne medication you get from this system is coming from the treatment in the fo
  6. Didn't Work for Me

    I tried OCM for about 2 or 3 weeks and I just wound up with more acne. I used a half and half mix of castor oil and hemp seed oil twice a day. I went from having a few small zits on my forehead to having acne all over my cheeks, nose, the sides of my face, and my forehead. It took months for my skin to get back to how it was before trying OCM. OCM might work for someone who doesn't have acne, but if you do, I don't recommend trying it.