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  1. Wow, glad everyone liked the post... the funniest thing is that you all (well, most of you) know that acne isn't as bad as we can make it out to be. Nobody enjoys waking up with red stuff all over their face; but then Catherine Zeta Jones has to wake up and see Micheal Douglas all over her face... it could be worse. Acne may make your face look bleak for a while, but it should never do the same to your life; you are all more than a face. I have a penis too. And an elbow or two.
  2. We all need love... but the person you need to love before anyone else in this thread is... yourself. I love you Mr. Mushrooms
  3. Man you are very, very peculiar. The internet is not gonna solve your problems. Get help.
  4. Anybody ever listed the positive points of having shitty skin? Here goes: 1. Popping spots is great fun, no matter what anybody says. When you get one perfectly so it shoots out all over the bathroom mirror... priceless. 2. Chances are you'll be less inclined to go out as often, therefore saving money. 3. Many acne sufferers take up reading or poetry/story writing to deal with their sorrow. This can only be a good thing as literacy is so healthy. 4. If you're a girl; chances are you won't ge