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  1. Don't use too many products at once. My face was very clear & just recently this year, I was trying all kinds of masks & acid products & I broke out badly. Now I just cleanse my face & moisturize & that's it. Your face will clear on its own when you give it a chance. Maybe you should also switch back to whatever BC you were on before. best wishes!! Acne sucks
  2. So I'm not new to derma rolling but I did it Monday night followed by putting glycolic acid afterwards It wasn't until AFTER I put it on I checked online to see if it was okay to use it and I read bad bad things & immediately washed it off with cold water but of course there were little holes open for it to fall through.. it's Wednesday and I woke up and my cheeks are in hives!! I've been putting aloe Vera the actual plant gel on my face to soothe the redness but what should I use to get r
  3. I used ACV as a toner and it burned my face! I had burn marks all over my face.. I had to completely stop using it. I also have the banish kit and love the pumpkin enzyme mask! I would recommend to stop using a lot of products at once