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  1. One of the best pore strips!

    As with all skincare products, the main thing to keep in mind when using this, is to be very gentle and careful on the skin. I've used this for a long time now and it's amazing. Directly from the instructions: place the strip on a freshly washed area of your face and keep it there for about 10-15 minutes. The longer it's on there for, the more blackheads will be removed. If you've done this properly, you'll definitely see the results! (Note: Make sure that the area you're applying it to actually
  2. Worth buying!

    This will make your skin feel so smooth! And the smell of it is just a bonus! However, the particles are slightly rough and larger than other typical exfoliators. I've used this time and time again, almost two to three times a week (as suggested) and you can definitely see the difference in how soft and smooth your skin feels. It removes dead skin and any other slight imperfections. Although I have acne prone skin, with a careful and gentle wash, it shouldn't cause breakouts of any kind.
  3. Definitely not for acne prone skin

    I have fairly oily skin and this was the first 'drug store' foundation I tried when my acne started. The coverage was okay, but the texture of it was not appealing at all. It made my skin look very dry and it also caused a few spots here and there. I would also probably mention that it's not a very blendable foundation, although other Maybelline products are. I also tried mixing this product with a little bit of my moisturiser and it seemed to make the foundation appear more lighter in texture (
  4. stylesbible

    Worth the try!

    Worth the try!

    This treatment is debatable; it works for some but not for others. But it doesn't hurt to try it out. I would say this is more of a spot treatment, a quick overnight rescue me type of product. I wouldn't recommend this to those with sensitive skin. It definitely has a stinging sensation after application, but naturally I assume it means it's working and it's not an overly strong feeling which causes burns. Recommend applying the toothpaste in very small amounts - almost pea-sized. And on very
  5. Clear and Smooth

    I feel like this is very underrated for the sole purpose that this company isn't very well known amongst most beauty products. I wouldn't particularly say that this helps with acne, but it definitely helps with the texture of your skin. I've used this on several occasions and it draws out blackheads and smooths your skin like no tomorrow. This is a cheap and affordable bottle of heaven that you can pamper yourself with after a long day!
  6. stylesbible

    Almost flawless!

    Almost flawless!

    For those of you who don't wish to spend on top-branded foundations, this is your holy grail product! However I would recommend this to people with more yellow undertones. It's definitely full coverage and depending on your skin type, Revlon ColorStay offer foundations to suit your skin type (Normal/Dry or Oily/Combination) which is hard to find with most drug store foundations. I've tried a fair amount of drug store foundations - experimenting with the different looks it can achieve - and I hav
  7. I swear by this - it truly works!

    I've suffered from acne for about 4 years now. I'm 18 and I've tried almost everything to help improve my skin, but nothing has worked better than Epiduo. I'll admit I was initially shocked with the price, but only because I didn't want to spend money on products. I used Benzoyl Peroxide for a year and although my experience with it was good, it still didn't work as well as I needed to. I'm now using Epiduo instead of Benzoyl Peroxide as part of The Regimen, and I can truly say that The Regimen