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  1. VebJEb got suspended. I truly beleive he is in the heart and soul of every true orger out there. For better or worse the guy was a character. Who could ever forget such memorable posts as "so long willy" "Ive gone and done it this time" "I got laid for the first time in years"
  2. I will also have this talk with my parents about my bad time growing up and how it ultimately affects me
  3. Ive never really noticed anyone examing my skin when they talk to me. They usually just look me in the eye perheps because they dont want to look anywhere else?
  4. I personally found that my skins texture had worsened. Anyone notice anything like that? Almost 4years later And I still do get acne just not the huge red pustules anymore just a bunch of little red ones. Ive been using dans regimen at night. Im not going out with 2 layers of creams on my face. Never though id be approachin 21 and still dealing with acne.
  5. Dis anyone else here get off accutane and think to themselves. The acne is gone (for now) but for some reason My skin doesnt look rite. The thought that accutane caused some skin damage haunts my mind.
  6. Just be careful if you go on tane that stuff can cause skin damage if you dont take real good care of yourself.
  7. College dorm rooms dont have their own bathrooms? If thats the case im even gladder im not in school. I hate defficating when people are arround.
  8. Dont worry your not crazy. Its impossible not to think about an active problem that your body has. Its even harder when its on your face and ruining your life. I think a lot of people with bad skin and who know it are the same way.
  9. ew how big are you. omg. dont be why. U know why! You are hotter than most girls I know! oh lord. hahha. i have new pictures on my myspace by the way. www.myspace.com/typhoid i actually look like aboy. Let me say that i have nothing against GAy people. But i Must say cocainekate youve got problems. Normal people dont put shit like that on their myspace accounts