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  1. I'm trying that, but I had a sudden break out yesterday that might have been from using the BP and Tazarac all over my face. I'll keep it up for another week to see if it is persistent. On another note, that break out might have happened because I had a really greasy slice of pizza a day or two before. I never really thought diet would affect my acne, but my skin changed a lot after eating that.
  2. I've been on Tazorac and Benziq (5.25 % BP) for the past month or so and was wondering whether I should be applying them to my entire face or just certain pimples as they appear. I'm kind of reluctant to apply Tazorac to my entire face as it dries everything up and I'm not sure if I'm using too much or too little. The Benziq isn't as irritable but I still spot treat with that too. Should I continue what I'm doing, or should I apply both creams to my face as a whole?
  3. Has anyone tried the Schick Quattro Power Razor? If so, can you say if it's good razor or not?
  4. Can you just drink it instead of applying it directly to your face? Will that be just as effective? btw thanks for the tip! I'm getting a bottle today.
  5. Wouldn't the acid irritate your skin?
  6. Sebum is bad for your skin? That's the biggest load of BS I've heard in a long time. Without sebum, your skin would be dry, brittle and overrun with harmful bacteria.
  7. I know exactly what you mean. Every time someone looks at me in the halls or in class, I get the feeling that they're thinking about how bad I look (even when im clear).
  8. GoLDEnEYe ftw! RCP-90's were teh shiz, and so were the poorly animated russian people.
  9. grunts are awesome! they run away when you open fire on them, but its more fun when you beat on them while they're sleeping!! without grunts, I wouldnt exist today.
  10. geeez how much do you play?? ... and i can awp anything with a needler lol
  11. three words: Grand Theft Auto you should try it, it's great for relieving stress
  12. yeah I felt like he was blowing the whole thing out of proportion, he does that a lot. If I tell him to F off though, I'd probably get beaten like crazy. On the other hand, i can't tell him that he's making me uncomfortable, that'd just cause more ridicule. I usually just keep quiet because i get over things pretty fast. He didnt even sweat it that much today. Bro stop tryna be ghetto and stop giving this kid advice as if he lives in the hood. Now what happend, did your acne come back
  13. I had to go on a walk today with my dad and 2 sisters and now I feel like shit . First off, we went to a neighborhood a few minutes away and the walk was basically my dad talking to my sisters while I stayed behind them quietly; acting as if I werent there at all. On the way back to our house, one of my friends pulls up in his car and says "Hey, what's up?". I just looked up and said "Hey" quickly in a quiet tone and flinched to the side of the road for some reason. When he drove away, my dad lo
  14. I have been on tazorac and duac since last saturday and so far, my life has been living hell. My face was ok for the first few days and it seemed to be working on the flare-ups I had on my forehead but then my skin slowly started drying. So I wake up on thursday morning at 5:00, just 2 hours after doing my homework and going to sleep, when I squeeze the bottle of lubriderm onto my hands and start rubbing my face. Huge mistake . As soon as I rubbed the cream (lubriderm) on my face, it felt like I