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  1. I did! I actually bought several things from her but none of them seemed to help as much as Accutane did. I think it would be best to use some of her products once you have completed your treatment on Accutane. Maybe 6 months Post Tane. I actually spoke to Julie over the phone and although she was very helpful, her products did not cure my acne. I did see somewhat of an improvement but I am going to play it safe and go see an estitician once I am done with my course of Accutane. So I can get a
  2. haha!!! i have the exact same thing!! its so weird... and where it sweats is like a little bit of exzema now 2!
  3. So I have been on Accutane for almost 2 months and all of a sudden, my nose has been contantly sweating as well as my my eyebrow area and mustache. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  4. OMG! I cant believe how much you sound like me. I can relate to you soooo much, except for having clear skin. Iam currently on my second month of Accutane and have not seen any dramatic results, but my Acne has effected just about all aspects of my life from going to school, to interacting with co-workers and just avoiding most social gatherings that friends or family members may invite me to. I dont even feel like cleaning my apartment, most of the time. The only thing that keeps me going is Mu
  5. I disagree, however I do understand where you are coming from. I do tend to have my good skin days but social skills do not increase dramatically, but there is a slight improvement with my confidence. I beleive you can regain your confidence and the lack of social skills you have. Guys dont give up!
  6. Yeah, you can still go and have fun. Its one of those high school events you dont wanna regret missing. I am glad I did and my acne was bad back then but it did not stop me from missing out. Stay Positive!
  7. OMG! Thank god someone started this forum. I WAS about to get 3 teeth pulled next month, 2 being my wisdom teeth and I have only been on Accutane for a month. I think I will wait until October to get them pulled since it's notice an emergency, but they needed to get pulled soon. I want to want to avoid any complications that I can possibly can. Thanks for the advice everyone!
  8. I think that I am going to detox simply because a good detox should cleanse my liver and make me feel refreshed within. I honestly don't think that it should intefere with my Accutane treatment.
  9. So I was reading this health magazine tittle "Do You Need To Detox?" and it discussed how detoxing could help prevent frequent blemishes and your skin's overall appearance, plus many other health benefits. With that being said, I have been on Accutane for a little over a month and was concerned if detoxing would be a bad idea. If anyone has detoxed while on Accutane and can give me some advice please join my log. Thanks so much!
  10. Thank you! I am finally starting to see some progress with the accutane. Hopefully it works. I'll put more pics up sometime. Hope you are doing well!