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  1. I haven't logged into this site for 6 months. That is an indication in itself that in the last 6 months my skin has been manageable. I will post an update pic, as I've had a lot of success taking zinc picolinate (22mg Solgar brand). One a day (for the last 8 months). The only place I still seem to get spots is around my lips. I've also been sticking to a much better diet. I have a checklist for each day and a really good day means I eat something raw at each meal, no sugary foods, and a raw
  2. I’ve been taking zinc picolinate since the beginning of June (so, about 7 weeks), and my skin is SO much better. I am SO relieved and my depression has really lifted. Here’s where we are at the moment:
  3. I sometimes feel as though everything I eat affects my skin. Vegan (and gluten free and sugar free), here too for the last month. I don’t know if my body just needs a long break to get back to better health or whether there is some underlying issue with how i process food that is at fault. It’s really miserable.
  4. I thought I’d have picture perfect skin by now, but the acne continues. i am still getting spots around my lips and mouth. I’ve cut back on the snall amount of sugar I wad allowing myself, but it has made little difference. I’ve started using an antioxidant skin cream (yesterday) and I also got squalane as a moisturiser. The only big change to my skin is the rough, dry, flakiness has gone, almost completely since i stopped dairy.
  5. Three weeks no diary. I am still breaking out. However, my acne has changed. It doesn’t show well on the photos, but my skin has lost the eczema-like, scabby, flakiness that it used to have. My skin is softer and smoother, it’s just still full of pimples. I got my estrogen/testosterone and cortisol results back. All okay, estrogen low normal. I’d like to raise estrogen somehow as my skin is better when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding, so that lowness I think is a contributor. Not really sure
  6. billygirl

    No Dairy Week 2

    It’s been 14 days since I cut dairy. The first week was amazing. This week it’s all flared back up again. My skin is awful again. My mum passed away over the weekend so maybe stress has a part to play. I’ve ordered some hormone tests to see if I can track down whats going on. Utterly miserable.
  7. The only thing I can do is post a picture because I am utterly astonished. My skin is softer (instead of feeling like sandpaper all over - even in the acne free areas), it's not sore, and my spots are clearing up in places that haven't been spot free in years. I have been 100% strict with no dairy. I have eaten dark chocolate occasionally (although it tends to give me a stomach-ache which is interesting because I never noticed that with milk chocolate), and I've had some maple syrup in cooki
  8. Not alone. One of the reasons I hang out here is to remind myself that there are lots of us facing this problem and that we can all help each other. When you go out and everyone seems to have perfect skin it is utterly depressing, but it's not like that. We see what we don't have. Going dairy free has help me more than anything recently, but I think there is no one answer for everyone. We all have to find our own problems and fix them :-(
  9. I haven't. I've been on various antibiotics (oral and topical), birth control, and every kind of over the counter medication. I'm too much of a hippy at heart to use other drugs, and these days I use nothing. I'm convinced it's a diet issue. Cutting out diary has made a massive difference for me (I started a week ago).
  10. I know how utterly sh*t it makes you feel, and just wanted to say *hugs*. I hate going out also. Like you, my friends all have lovely skin. It cripples your confidence and makes life so bloody miserable. I hope things improve for you soon xxx
  11. I had a miserable day yesterday. And I ate a ton of sh*t. I had hot chocolate with mountains of whipped cream, chocolate, pizza for dinner and a massive serving of stewed apple and cream for pudding. I basically ate all my favourite foods. Yesterday i had 33 active spots. Today i have 42. I am breaking out really badly. But today I am going 100% dairy free. In my six weeks of near perfect eating i was still breaking out and I was still eating dairy. Let’s try cutting it completely for a mont
  12. What the actual f*ck is the reason for these? Woke up with three this moming and they are so painful and they look disgusting. My skin has been a bloody nightmare for the whole of this year so far. I honestly think i need to cut out dairy but i swear that eating it is one of the few things that makes my day better. Without knowing for sure if it’s dairy-related I just can’t bring myself to give it up because I’m too depressed anyway without that being taken away as well.
  13. billygirl


    I'm just crying and crying and crying over how fucking impossible it is to clear my skin. I decided to go vegan and I lasted one day. Because I hate not eating the foods I enjoy and I hate everyone that can eat a ton of shit and still have clear skin. It would be easier for me to eat healthier if it WASN'T for the sake of my skin. I am becoming obsessed with what I eat and then bingeing on crap because I miss eating "normally". I swear, acne is basically sending me down the tunnel of a fucking e
  14. Four days ago I just went totally off plan and gorged on gluten and sugar. It started with a bit of chocolate after lunch each day. But then I just went off the deep end. For three days I ate whatever the f*ck I wanted. I was just so fed up with not having clear skin after 6 weeks of being so strict and careful. Well, now I’m paying the price and I look bloody awful. Compare this to four days ago. Anyone who tries to tell you diet doesn’t affect skin is so wrong. I swe
  15. billygirl


    I ate 100g of milk chocolate this morning because I was feeling down. Sigh. A bit of a dent in my no sugar policy, but hopefully the consequences won’t be horrendous. I had a green juice and a massive salad at lunch to compensate. My skin seems to go in cycles in patches around my face: dry up and peel, breakout in tiny pimples, dry out and peel. Each time my skin seems to get a little better, I think. Today’s progress pic: