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  1. I have been on the Regime for about 2.5 months and It is working farily well, but I stopped for a week and drank 3 bottles of water everyday (didn't work). So now I'm back on and I was wondering how many tubes have you gone through so far and tell use how long you've been using and what your skin looks like now.
  2. So heres my situation. I have decide not to apply BP plus moistureizer because it leaves residue on my skin in the morning. Now I am applying 1.5 times the amount usual at night, and wash it off in the morning and apply just moisturizer. Is this a good choice?
  3. Well, I have been using the regime for almost 2 months (works great), but this white stuff only really appeared about 4 weeks in.
  4. In the mornings 30 minutes after I apply my BP and Moisturizer, it is as if the BP is never absorbed into my skin. Along my jaw, it turns white. I rub it off quickly before anyones notices. But I feel it is annoying, disgusting, and a waste of BP. I know it is the BP and not the Moisturizer because I only apply BP alone at night, but the same thing happens, just it isn't as oily. Can anyone help? PS It takes forever now for the BP to absorb itno my skin, like 3-4 mins. per cheek. Any help o
  5. I started using the regimen alomst a week ago and my face has greatly improved. The only problem is that after a few hours of BP on my face, my skin (around my cheekbones and nose) are slightly peeling, more like stubborn flakes that you need to scratch off. I find it very annoying and am looking for a way to avoid it. I am using mostuizer in the morning and after school and it seems to keep the flakes away for a few hours. I think the problem may lie in me using too much BP. Any experiance with
  6. I am very new to this whole new way of looking at pimples. Anyways, what are the proper steps to pimple removal. I mean, when should I pop; how should I pop it; what should I do after; what should the remnants look like after? Please help with all these Q and give other advice to help me and other begineers. Kepp in mind I am not using the Regoim yet, so I don't have any BP.