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  1. Eating processed foods or not eating at all simply makes the body weaker and less healthy. We need to eat natural/organic foods (that contain nutrients) for our bodies to be able to balance and heal. Living ignorantly and care free won't change anything.
  2. Thank you all for the help. It really does mean a lot. My body gets sore from time to time and I really wanted to use something natural so I can get better results. Again thanks, I'll be getting everything as soon as I can.
  3. Is drinking filtered water better or not? I certainly don't like the taste of tap water.
  4. Does anyone know what herbs or vitamins would reduce inflammation as Ibuprofen and Aspirin do?
  5. I'm really not interested in blabbing my feeling out like in my past. Thing is that I've been through Accutane twice. I've managed to stay clear over a year and just a couple days ago the acne resurfaced. I added a new pic to the gallery. Has this happened to anyone here? My self-esteem is so low right now that I can't bare to see my parents, friends, let alone strangers right now. I feel like I'm not respectable when I have acne. Like I should stop caring about everything, which I did in the pa
  6. Everything looks overly complicated to me and hard on the eyes.
  7. Everything looks too complicated and all the white is sore to my eyes. Minimalism ftw.
  8. I have a MySpace but don't really ever login or use it. I only have it so I never lose touch with friends. I keep it set to private just because I don't want to air my personal business to the rest of the world. I never understood why comments are left public. I guess I appreciate my privacy. Anyway, both Facebook and MySpace are used mostly by attention whores. I use email and msn to talk with my friends simply because it's quicker and easier.
  9. Very intriguing; thanks very much for making this.
  10. I'm more concerned about my colon. I think cutting red meat out for good or at least a few months is definitely good for the skin and overall health.
  11. Has anyone told you that you look like David Archuleta? :D

  12. Wheatgrass juice (or I suppose powder too) is very helpful to the body. I've been drinking it consistently for a couple months and I feel/look the best I ever have. I highly recommend it to anyone's diet.
  13. People who think Accutane will end their skin problems are incredibly ignorant. Just wanted to say that.