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  1. Ok my skin got so much better and then worse PLS HELP I WANNA KMS ACNE IS SO TERRIBLE I'M JUST A TEENAGER TRYING TO LIVE MY LIFE OMSJEHTJHHHHHH I'm going to sp soon I can't have all this nasty red shit on my face why did @God do this to me I just wanna feel pretty again
  2. Did anyone else get a bunch of whiteheads the first few days? They're almost grosser than big pimples and they're freaking me out please help
  3. Did anyone else get really bad white heads when starting the Caveman regime? I'm only washing with water, but I am using a very minimal amount of concealar on some of my pimples. Help???
  4. What if you only use a mild facewash and light mosterizer? Should I still do it?
  5. I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM (but idk how to help sorry)
  6. yooooooona


    I have mild/medium acne??? IDEK, but I'm so sick of it that I cry from time to time and it makes me super duper sad. Should I go on Accutane? I've tried everything Benzodyl and Epiduo and they've just made it worse. PLEASE give me advice if I should do it or not it would be greatly appreciated!!!!!