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  1. It's funny you ask... I had an infected burn wound for which I was prescribed cephalexin. Now I'm on Retin-A-Micro and it keeps my acne manageable, but I still get inflamed pimpes all around my nose and such. I started taking cephalexin and within three days they were all gone. Right now my skin is absolutely perfect and I am amazed beyond belief. I had never tried antibiotics before for acne, but after this success, I'm going to change that. That being said, everybody's skin/acne is differe
  2. andersoj, are you planning on taking before and after pictures? I would sure appreciate it if you would take before, immediately after, 24 hours after, 72 hours after, one week after, etc. Once again, thanks for the updates and good luck with the treatment.
  3. I had a bad reaction to this stuff today. Put it on before I went to sleep and I just woke up an insane amount of inflamed pores. Be careful.
  4. I have a sci/art lamp on the way, I'll also keep everybody posted.
  5. Glad to see somebody having sucess with a non BP method. I've really turned on BP over the last few weeks. It is too time consuming and the results arn't what they need to be in order for me to devote that much time (hours and hours for it to work for me) to it.
  6. I'd read this article. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=113538 I know I'm staying away from a B-Complex after I noticed taking it lead to an increase in acne in my own person experience. I'm now on a B5, Niacin and Biotin supplementation regimin with the use of SA instead of BP (only rare spot treatment, or maybe a few times a week at night) on a daily basis and I'm really liking the results. Much less time consuming and seems to work even better.
  7. You know what? I’ve been beating up my face with topical products ever since puberty when I initially started breaking out in high school. As time progressed I started obsessing about it more and more to the point these days it consumes my life. It really does. My acne compared to many of the people on these boards is really nothing. I have zero body acne, very very rarely get anything on my cheeks or anything and it’s simply moderate stuff in my t-zone. My mother does have acn
  8. I just fried my face and really noticed it today getting ready for work later tonight. I'm really thinking of quitting most topical products outside the csr cleanser and just seeing what that leaves me with. I've been beating the shit out of my face with topical products for years now and I the only places I get acne are the places I put the products. I'm sick of being dry and red like I am right now. Good luck all.
  9. I had the same problem on both sizes of my faces and this solved it to the point I absolutely never break out on either side of my face anymore. I use the aforementioned Aveeno Shaving Gel, it is absolutely fantastic, and Gillette SensorExcel Razors. The razors are not cheap, but you really do get what you pay for in regards to a quality shave. If irritation is your problem then this is one area you do NOT want to skimp on. The KEY is to shave ONLY in the direction of your hair growth. Never
  10. I love it. I've been using it for a few weeks and always put a big heaping coat on over my bp. I let it dry and once it drys regardless how much you put on it's like this protective layer over your face. My problem is small tiny whiteheads that are just under the surface of the skin that you cannot really see unless your me looking in a mirror. They don't get worse normally due to the bp zapping them if they try and rise to the surface. It's really annoying enough to the point I'm thinking
  11. Alpha Hydrox Oil Free Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (10% Glycolic AHA) It is awesome. I wash with Dan's cleanser, put on the AHA, put on my BP and top it off with Aloe Vera Vit. E Gel. No Dryness, any pimples that even think about forming are killed dead in their tracks before they make it to the surface. Try it.