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    Im going to try to be dairy free though its going to be hard because i love milk and acne.org states that increasing the amount of calories you eat makes u break out Thanks Orchid and sylosis16
  3. yeah u should probably go with antibiotics for about a month and see if it helps
  4. It depends which antibiotic it is most people dont see results on Doxicylin but they see it on others and cuz your still 18 your hormones are still raging and once you are 20 and your acne does not improve significatly then you might want to go on accutane though your mom will probably have a heart attack if u did because accutane is like 20 times worser than antibiotics but it clears alot of people up for life. btw did u use organic or raw honey and if you have dry skin dont use lemon and maybe
  5. User448787

    What Type Of Acne

    Do u exfoliate
  6. User448787

    How Can You Get Rid Of Acne Red Marks?

    Doesnt look like Red marks to me look like brown but for marks, use organic or raw honey mask for 10-20 minutes 2-3 times a week and should really help with both brown and red marks after about 2 weeks