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  1. Hey watsup everybody. I just have a quick question. I am a 20 year old dark-skin African American male that recently suffered from hyperpigmenation from the sun. My derm gave me tri-luma cream and it has done wonders in terms of lightening up my skin. I recommend it for anyone suffering from hyperpigmenation or uneven spots in general. But some places on my face mainly my cheeks are slightly lighter than the rest of my face. I was wondering does anyone know will my skin tone even out with the
  2. Hi, I'm an African American male who had a chemical peel 3 weeks ago after trying to get rid of a couple of marks. It peeled and everything like they said it would and i thought it was just part of the process. After it peeled I noticed my face became darker than lighter than what they said. I would call them and they said that it is natural and that the chemicals are still working yet my face has been darker for the past 3 weeks and i recentrly saw my derm and he gave me some tri-luma cream. Th
  3. I just want to say again thank your for your bravery to tell us your story. I hope everything works out for you. I want to be an entertainer myself but I am going to wait until my acne clears up of course and when I graduate college. But just out of curiousity....do you think the fact that you thought of yourself highly as an actress made you think your acne was worse than it actually it is and made you want to avoid the public? When you are worried about your looks people usually overdo it. I d
  4. If you apply aloe vera gel by fruit of the earth to the pimple it will go down without popping it. It won't completely dissapear the next day but by at least the second or third day the pimple will be gone and then you won't have to worry about popping it and leaving a scar.
  5. Hi i am a 19 year old black male with oily skin and this past summer for the first time started suffering from acne. My acne has cleared up but i still have dark marks remaining. I just ordered the Demming Intense Gel and was wondering how long it would take to heal the marks. I would greatly appreciate the info. I also have a 2 pics to show the type of marks i have and to see if anyone knows how long mine would take to heal.
  6. Wow this sounds like it could work for me as i have really oily skin as well. Even though my acne is clearing up i still want to try something that still helps stops the excess oil and prevents any other type of acne from forming. Thanx for this
  7. I used Keri lotion with lavender because i thought you could use it on my skin but i know now not to.
  8. Hi am a 19 year old African american male with oily and sensitive skin. This past summer for the first time in my life i experienced acne. The reason i think i got acne was this summer i started using more lotion on my face than usual becuase my face felt dry but it really wasn't. Now that i don't use lotion my face is clear again and my blemishes went away as well. I went to the derm and he gave me differin to use at night and a gel called clandycimin in the morning. Also at night after i appli
  9. You should try and use banana boat spf15 that has aloe vera and vitamin e. it does wonders for my skin and i have oily skin as well.
  10. I posted something earlier about the dark spots. I'm a 19 year old black male that just recently got acne for the first time. Althought i got rid of the acne i still have dark spots left. I went to the derm to see how to get rid of them and he gave me some differin. One to use at night and a gel to use in the morning. I was wondering if anybody else has used differin and how long does it take to see results cuz i start school august 21st and i want my face to look like it did last year. I would
  11. Yes to answer you question drinking water does in fact heal your skin quickly. I've always drank water since i was little sinc i was active in sports. And last year since i stop playing sports i didn't drink water as much and this is the first tim in my life i've experienced acne. The acne is gone but i still have dark spots. So do drink a lot of water cuz its very beneficial to your skin down the road. Plus i heard a lot of celebrities do it such as Halle Berry and Prince and there in there la
  12. Thanx for the help. I truly appreciate it.
  13. Hi i am a 19 year old black male heading back to college and had acne over the summer. I have very oily skin and sensitive skin and didn't have acne until this summer. I got rid of the acne with BP but i still have dark spots. I recently went to the derm to see how to get rid of them and he gave me a differin gel that he says will fade them. I was wondering if anybody else has this problem tryna get rid of dark spots because i am an aspiring actor and need my skin to look like it did last year..
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