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  1. Spironolactone works. Ask your derm about it pronto. Get a decent dosage...like 100mgs/daily and when used in conjunction with the right BCP (as in, one that does not have a high testosterone indication), it works wonders. Spiro has changed my skin radically. I love it!!!!
  2. Ok, I have had major results eliminating redness by using Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Cream for several months. I also occasionally use Finacea (prescription Azaleic acid). NHSC has Alpha Hydroxy in it...it stings a little when I apply it...but I have definitely seen results. I use it morning and night. The other day I read some of the suggestions from this site creator and that was one lotion he highly recommends. Try it...it's relatively inexpensive and it works. Do not give up on it quic
  3. Kanmi, I don't know about Dr. Crouch, but I do know that Dr. Coverman in Austin can help you. Are you anywhere close to Austin? I know you live in Texas.
  4. I have mild rosacea, probably due to years of using products that are too tough for my skin. I went to a Dr here in Austin who immediately picked up on the rosacea, when I was only there to just get rid of my acne. Anyway, he said that I needed to start FotofacialTM treatments, which are from a laser pulsed light. I didn't ever do it, but I have heard since then that it's very beneficial in treating the rosacea, just like he said. Willow also mentioned laser treatments and I think this might
  5. I am a small adult and that dosage you are taking was not enough for me. I take 100 mgs a day and it works, with no weight gain at all. If anything it's just the opposite because Spiro is a mild diuretic too.
  6. I take both Ortho Cyclen and Spiro. They work better together, but I also got results from Spiro alone. Call your gyno and ask if OTC is the best choice. I counseled with the nurse about which one was best for lessening pms and keeping my face clear. Additionally, ask your derm about getting on Spiro too. You will probably be clear within a couple of months.
  7. In the past, I tried just a bc called Estrostep specifically designed to help acne.....well it didn't work!!! I gave that stuff a year and it just didn't help at all. Spiro is the bomb! 100mgs/daily is the ticket for me. I've tried it alone and it works great, but now I'm on Ortho Cyclen also (for bc, not acne) and my spiro seems to be working even better in conjunction with that. Good luck!
  8. I am 43 and finally realized that I am one of those people that have a hard time tolerating any testosterone in my system and the result was always skin problems. I found a derm who finally mentioned Spironolactone to control hormonal breakouts. This is a tiny pill that supresses the testosterone from reaching the surface level of the skin. I saw results quickly and only 2 months to see great skin. I am so happy to finally get off the acne merry-go-round. My 14 year old daughter has been on
  9. thanks for the advice...but the strange thing about this one is that it won't come to the surface...it's just a pimple that never wants to go away...so even though it's been more than a week, there's still a small red bump!!! Well, only occasionally they will come to the surface. If I sense there is anything in there, then I do the hot towel. If it is just the eternal red bump, I use small quantities of Retin-A micro. Here's the deal with it, you only leave it on for 10-15 minutes a
  10. If I do get one, this is the kind I get. They are very frustrating. I have had just a few since starting Spiro. Sometimes I hold a wet, hot towel on it to get it to come to the surface.
  11. luvsun24

    eye gel

    Do not be fooled by Sudden Change, it is just a trick, kind of like glue. Anyway, I researched it and found articles stating that Stri-Vectin SD is the only one that comes close to a botox like result. It is for the eyes, but can be put in that canyon that some of us have between our eyes. There is knock-off claiming to be the exact same formula and it is cheaper (Striadril). I have been using it for a few weeks and maybe I am imagining it, but I think I see a little improvement. Good luck.
  12. If the tea is detoxifying, then all the bad stuff might be coming out through your skin. When I detox, that always happens. Not so sure why you are scaly at the same time.
  13. If I were a guy I would take GLA - found in Borage oil. Look at the facemaster's website. www.facemaster.blogspot.com. It is worth a try and I have stumbled upon some research that supports the GLA connection for hormone balancing. Since I'm not a guy, I take Spironolactone, with no side effects except clear skin.
  14. I have had no side effects on Spiro (100 mgs daily) and I've been on it for 5 straight months. Last summer (2005) I took it May-August (50 mgs daily) and got mostly clear with no side effects. I quit taking it after I got clear and boom! My skin got messed up again. I am not quitting it this time just because I'm clear. I also take bcp (Ortho-Cyclen) and have had no side effects from that. It was specifically recommended for me because I use to suffer terrible headaches from the bcp, and OC
  15. Mandy, With insurance, my co-payment is like $10 monthly. Without it, it is $34 for a 30 day supply/100mg's daily. It's relatively inexpensive, but make sure you get the right dosage. 50mg's daily didn't work that well for me and I am a pretty small adult. I have taken it only with the pill. The pill alone didn't do anything for my skin, but by adding spiro I have seen great changes. Good luck!