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  1. No one else breaks out from this!!??
  2. Anyone else broke out because of this? I did. Any advise? I'm clear after accutane that I finished 4 months ago.
  3. There are two problems tane causes than interfere with spray tan: 1. It increases skin cell reproduction (acconrind to my doctor). This means the tan fades quickly 2. you can exfoliate that much. You should exfoliate before spray tan to make it last longer. I'm planning to begin doing it once a week. I just need to know when I should start.
  4. Hi. How long should I wait before spray tanning after accutane? My skin feel ok, not flaky or anything. I need to exfoliate before spray tan too. How long to wait before I can apply acidic product to my skin? And another question, how long must I go around avoiding the sun?
  5. I take it, and so far I'm fine.
  6. My derm said the same, but there is no problem. My blood tests have been excellent, and I take 80-150 g (2-4 shakes) protein supplement daily. I also take kreatin, taurine (+ some other aminoacids) multivitamin, e-vitamin, c-vitamin and karbs as supplement.
  7. I'm reading it! Accutane -> good skin -> not depressed
  8. I looked up some old threads. People say that it doesn't look good because your skin is peeling off while on accutane.
  9. Is spray tan OK while on accutane?
  10. There is a cure in 2 maybe 3 years. They remove the keloid and inject (I think) something that makes your body stop producing bad scars.. I will try contractubex. How long did you have your keloids b4 they got better? I've had mine a looong time..
  11. I have been unhappily in love 6 years. 5 years with one girl, and this last year with another girl. Both girls quited all connections to me and it hurts so bad. This last year has been so sad. I thought we could be friend, she said she wanted to be friends when I told her about my feelings, but she began ignoring me. I need some real connection cause I got a lot of feelings.
  12. You get them even if you don't touch. My strongest advice to you: get rid of acne completly first! Then redmarks disappear.
  13. Anyone tried what Bulgarian R. Dermatologist mentioned? I really need something that works now..
  14. Thank you! So this helps for red marks too then? I have a lot of them too. Topiramate sounds wonderful to me. Are you sure this is just not some other product that doesn't do anything. I don't react on much, I've tried very much.. I don't care about a little side effects either.