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  1. @joeysk thanks for the info. my derm did the needling with PRP, i'm not sure though he applied the PRP before or after the needling. the PRP should provide some sort of lubricant for the skin. i felt the trackmarks was due to poor dermastamp quality
  2. @Sibel thanks for the sharing Dear, have you experienced any sort of trackmarks after the needling? if you do, how long would it take to completely diminished? Do you feel the vertical movement of the needling produce good results? My scars are like punctured scars, you know the holes which are the centre of the acne. they're not big or deep enough but somehow my derm told me, it'd be difficult to flaten them back and of course he, as other doctors, told me that it'd depend on my skin
  3. Anyone please share what type of movement your professionals (beautician, dermatologist) or even yourself applied when doing the needling? For example, Derminator's owner advises to do circular movement to avoid the trackmarks but I've seen many dermatologists still do the linear movement. I just did my 3rd session of microneedling with my derm moving from the manual dermastamping to dermapen. To my surprise, it feels much softer than manual dermastamping. I did not even feel the needle pie
  4. @NuageBlanche Yes, please do PM me. i'm facing a fickle here coz i think my bumps are getting more due to the retinol treatment i'm doing right now but if i don't do the retinol then my PIE would just stay there forever i guess most of us here experience sensitive skin and slower healing process Looking forward to your PM, that'd help me a lot in getting to know how many treatments would be needed for my bumps as well
  5. @Pianina What needle length do you use? For how long and pre and post treatment care should be an important factor too. I think with rolling, adding subcission might be more effective but better leave subcission to the pro
  6. @jwebs91 Hi, how's your 2nd needling with longer needle going? mine is on this Thursday. i wonder about the depressions area. mine is not rolling scars but there're atrophic scars though tiny. i wonder if the derm needs to poke it with single needle or something
  7. @NuageBlanche thanks for sharing. mine does not come from acne but from too harsh retinol product for my skin. How big is your bumps? i wonder why it could not be ablated at once since i've seen YouTube video, 1 big bump could even get removed in 1 single session by electrocautery. I think Hyfrecator is a type of electrocautery as well Is this the doctor you referred as Prof. Chu? https://professortonychu.com/
  8. @jwebs91 Everything has healed including the scratch marks. I've been burnt by Fraxel before so upon seeing the scratch marks i could see they're only superficial BUT they do elongate the healing process which could gone awry too. I have brought this up with the clinic and they do acknowledge the scratches and hopefully will imrpove the technique for the next treatment. The PRP and retinol usage after the treatment help a lot in my case
  9. @jwebs91 i try to PM you but to no avail somehow. i was red straight after but that's normal since my face easily blushed. didn't see any pinpoint bleeding but perhaps i did not check my face until the nurse cleaned it up and prepped it with PRP. But to my sensitive skin, i don't really want to achieve that either, my acne scars are pretty shallow. i feel the PRP does help a lot with the inflammation and redness. i only experienced the redness and soreness on the second day especially whe
  10. Agree, if it's fungal , it'd subdued by no time. The fungal cream is also quite greasy, could cause further clogging. Thanks for updating Foxychick. IMHO try CO2 laser but find a derm who's good at it. It'd definitely ablate the bumps but has to do in moderation otherwise could cause further scarring. How big are your bumps? I read it should be quite a size otherwise it could cause depression with steroid injection
  11. @jwebs91 Did you have the scratch marks even with the 0.5mm needle? I'm a bit anxious since my skin regeneration is a bit on the slower side. Now, a day after there're more apparent scratch marks appear. I felt very light touches of the needle. I didn't feel the stamp dragged around so a bit surprised with the many scratches. In terms of procedure not painful at all but I was properly numbed for around 40 minutes before the procedure, given a light Revlite laser and VBeam then proceed
  12. I just did dermastamping with PRP. Taken 15ml blood got 6ml and left home with 3ml. I guess my platelet is not bad. My derm did 1mm stamp for the whole face I got this scratch like mark though. Is this fine? How long would the scratch like mark disappears?
  13. Foxychick Yes, it's the same with mine. In the morning it'd look bigger because of the oily face i think in my case. Please do update with the antifungal cream. I read above you have done fractional laser. I've done CO2 in the past, some disappeared up to now but some stayed. I feel it's due to the dermatologist doing it as well. Mine was not attentive and even missing some of the bumps.
  14. does your bump gets flat if stretched? mine does and i think it's a type of hypertrophic scarrings. mine came out after too harsh of retinol usage. i somehow don't think it's fungal acne unless your skin elsewhere also affected by this fungal condition but please do share your experience using the anti fungal cream. also has anyone tried to ablate them with CO laser or cauterization?
  15. PTAA from what i know you shouldn't needle whilst on accutane since it could affect the healing process Jwebs91 I'm about to do dermastamping with my derm next week but from what i read the forehead could go up to 1mm. 0.5mm is normally not deep enough for scar revision. It's mainly for skin rejuvenation. But please discuss back with your therapist. Perhaps she feels your skin is on the thinner and/or sensitive spectrum thus, the shorter needle. How long is her experience in the f