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  1. I see in Dr Davin's Lim IG account, he fixed pebblestone scarring which should be categorized as hypertropic scarring with CO2 laser. Not mentioned whether it's fractionated or fully ablative and how many sessions to achieve the smooth result. Also whether it's a spot or the whole area treatment. Is there anyone here undergo CO2 or Fract Er laser for the bumps with success? @FlorisM Unfortunately, I still have issues with my bumps. The issue is mine are very small though getting bigger
  2. @suvvolo What's the difference between TCA Cross and TCA Paint?
  3. @scarryface @Sirius Lee Thanks so much for responding and sharing your knowledge. I really appreciate it. The reason behind the queries was because I just did a combination of treatment of Fractional ER YAG (Dermablate) + TCA Cross + light peel. Additional information I received after the treatments from the derm assistant, the TCA they used is not pure, they mix it with other ingredients (she only mentioned Mandealic Acid). The percentage of the TCA Cross itself was mentioned by the derm
  4. Bump Anyone knows any info of TCA Cross basic on my queries, please do share. Thanks
  5. I do not have the intention of doing it myself. Just want to get some additional info so if you have any knowledge on my queries, please kindly share. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I have some queries in regards to TCA Cross. FYI, I have no intention of doing TCA on my own without professional help. I just want to get more info. So please do share if you have the knowledge on my queries below 1. How long would the Cross completely dried up, not transferring to surrounding skin even if the area is wiped? Is there any correlation with the percentage used ie. lower percentage dried up faster? 2. If the Cross area is frosted, does it mean it dries up complete
  7. reading your "allergic" reaction sounds really similar to when i got burnt by laser (also by Fraxel). that's not allergic, Aquaphor also contains very minimal ingredients though allergic might still able to persist but very minimal. now the loss of facial fat, may I know how does the loss felt or looked like since the picture does not show that. Does the skin texture above the part that you feel there's a fat loss also compromised ie. coarse texture with orange peel like pores?
  8. Hi All, I have some queries in regards to TCA Cross. 1. How long would the Cross completely dried up, not transferring to surrounding skin even if the area is wiped? Is there any correlation with the percentage used ie. lower percentage dried up faster? 2. If the Cross area is frosted, does it mean it dries up completely? 3. is it alright to wipe the Cross area with peeling solution (low TCA Cross % and low peeling%) afterwards, would there be possibility the Cross "spilled over"
  9. I just want to thank You @Sirius Lee and @Jack817 for recommending Aquaphor as after care laser treatments! it works wonders and beyond my expectation. I was treated with Resurfacing Laser Dermablate, an ER YAG Fractional Laser + TCA Cross (7% done 2 passes total +/- 15%) + mild peeling (i didn't ask the % but feels really light). Condition of my skin is on this thread : I skip the first night from using aquaphor allover since I still felt concern of clogging , only tested on th
  10. @suvvolo and @terribleesteem in my own case, if any scab formed, i'd get pitted scars. in some case the pits would fill up and some case , it won't. so based on that, 'wet dressing' is the solution for me. i just use Aquaphor as many in the forum do and have suggested to others too. the healing process without scabbing and less peeling would be much more significant for the end result. some people still have good skin regeneration and got no problem with scabbings but believe me, nothing c
  11. @curiousscars I think even with the size as small as ours, the technique has to be gentler too in the form of more than 1 procedures. Otherwise it might do more damage than just tiny bumps. I've had co2 laser and my doc just swiftly ablated them. Some of them disappeared but some of them just decrease or don't even budge. I felt my derm was commercial because i think she should be able to fix them within 1 treatment but i also hear bad stories about scarring left due to ablating the whole b
  12. EDIT: Check about pinhole methods but for other skin concerns than bumps. it's actually according to its name, the laser creates pinhole size of wound to penetrate quite deeply up to dermis to treat larger areas. so instead of treating the whole area, only couples of pinholes of laser needed resulting in less disrupted skin and better recovery time. i think it's suitable for big size of bumps. mine are small , the size of a pinhole itself. interesting! do you know more what actually pinhole
  13. @myhope What's the difference of cauterization and ablative laser methods for getting rid of the bumps? I thought they're both work just the same by shaving the surface of the bumps . Glad to hear progress of yours. They could be quite stubborn though small in sizes. What is your doc prognosis of your bumps ie. Papules, pebble scarring etc? @Marie528 It has to be ablative as you'd need to shave the surface of the skin. I don't think hyperpigmentation would be the issue unless yo
  14. @colorful i heard about ematrix too that is more suitable for shallower scars. you could read negative reviews of RF from R*alself (sorry need to put asterisk since i think it might be inappropriate to mention other forum website). The operator is the key factor in my opinion. you could do old version lasers and still achieved good result as long as it's on the right hands but do beware of those clinics offering laser machines that unheard of or they could use secondhand as well. good maint
  15. @dodgerguy actually they're very noticeable though small, they're indented and clustered along underneath the cheekbone which make them worse under any lightning. i attach pic of them taken inside the house during broad daylight. the ones i circle is already 3 years old and they're still quite red somehow. i prefer not to put on makeup and i think there won't be any makeup that would cover these type of scars perfectly. i forego doing TCA cross after research in this forum, too much of a ri