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  1. If it's too strong? It can cause your face to peel or become so dry it hurts to move your mouth. If it's too much, it can cause major dryness on your face. I mean major, painful dryness. It can also cause redness and burning sensation. Your face might be red all the time if you're using too strong a concentration. It's not good to use more then you need and I think 10% is way too much. I get great results on 2.5% as suggested by Dan. Alicia
  2. I have tried this. I think it is the most abrasive scrub I've ever used. I hated it and it made my acne worse because it scrubbed so much away. My skin just produced more oil to counteract it. I'd stay away from it. However, if you want something to use on youry body, it might be a choice..I just think it's too harsh to use on someone's face. Alicia
  3. You can import drugs to the united states as long as it's, I believe, a 60 day supply or less. In other words, they want to make sure you're USING it and not selling it. I buy retina micro online with no problems. I've never been to a derm. I've also seen places where you can purchase accutane online. When I buy my RAM, it comes in the same tube and box with package insert as what it on the website. www.bestprescription.com is pretty good. They won't seize it unless it's a narcotic or a hea
  4. I am also seeing enormous improvement due to Dan's regimen! I can't believe how good my skin is looking. As of this second, I have no pimples. Only red marks are visible. I've been on the regimen for about two weeks and my acne was moderate, I think. Alicia
  5. I just have a question..is it on your chin? I also used to get acne on my chin. I realized that it was NOT hormonal..I was touching my chin all the time! I have stopped touching my chin and it's gone away. Alicia
  6. Joy, Try this. It has what has gotten me completely clear. I wash with Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser morning and night. At night, I alternate retina a micro with benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. For example, tonight, I'll use benzoyl peroxide. Tomorrow night I will apply a little retina micro and NO benzoyl peroxide. I use benzoyl peroxide EVERY morning. yes, you will be dry and flaky. Just work through it. I have been on retina micro for 7 weeks now..and I'm just now getting clear. And I've learne
  7. Naw..derms don't know what they're doing..after all, they've only had 11 years of education. Derms can be incredibly helpful when you need medication for your acne. Also, they identify the severity and best course of action. They aren't infallible, but they can give you some insight into your problem. Alicia
  8. No..that sight IS crap.. For one, it ranks bs over the counter meds HIGHER then those of accutane and Retina. I don't t think anyone that's been cured by accutane would seriously think that Clearasil or the Murad system is better then the drug! Come on now! Alicia
  9. There is no moisturizer that can control the amount of oil produce in the skin, and therefore, keep away shine. If a moisturizer is claiming that, their lying. A moisturizer does just that..moisturize and offers sun protection. I'm with the above poster that you may be adding too much to your skin.
  10. Wow..if I did that to my face it would fall off. That is alot of stuff. What is the purpose of the vinegar? I think you should drop that as well as the scrub. Personally, I don't think acne prone skin should ever scrub. It will just make us produce more oil..and you sure can't scrub the acne away. Alicia
  11. Hi, I am questioning your derms decision for the sulfur cleanser. Sulfur, according to alot of folks, is a potent skin irritant and promotes the growth of bacteria. This is according to the Journal of Microbiology. I would stop it since you DO NOT want the growth of bacteria when treating acne. That is counterproductive. I will say..I have NEVER had any results from sulfur. I also use retina micro, however, I have found that alternating it at night with Benzoyl Peroxide and BP every morning
  12. We do have DDF here in the states. It's available at Sephora.com. I use the 5% DDF product and like it. The tea tree oil amount is insignificant, but the amount of BP is good. The lotion actually feels MUCH lighter then Neutrogena 2.5%. I like it.
  13. This is interesting. I am female and am a weight lifter. I didn't have ANY acne for years and suddenly started breaking out after a few months of heavy lifting at the age of 23. So, it does make me wonder if increased test levels are doing this to my skin. I have moderate acne, where before I had NONE. Alicia