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  1. Hey, stranger.

    1. Jaxin


      Heyo friend :) .....yes its been a long time :(

  2. Better call Saul!

  3. I just saw your before and after pics. Wow, you look absolutely lovely!
  4. Wow, I just logged in here on a whim and saw that you added me as a friend. Although I no longer log in regularly it was very nice to see a familiar old-timer on here. I hope all is well with you :)

    1. User44822


      Also noticed that today is your 8th org anniversary. Crazy.

  5. Randomly popped on here, can't believe you're still around! I always liked that avatar,

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. User44822


      I'm ok. How have you been doing?

    3. WalkTheWire


      I've been pretty good. Just working, pursuing my music, spending time with my partner. How's everything else?

    4. User44822


      Things are ok. Glad you've been well. Take care, kid.

  6. la fawndah! or adele! lols

  7. Oh hey!!! :) How are you?

  8. Jekyll and Hyde.

  9. Hehe. Thanks =) Too bad I can't take credit for it

  10. just thought i would say that rhyme under each of your messages really cracked me up :)

  11. Hey. Who's this?

  12. Thank you! :)

  13. Happy birthday from the future :D