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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth :rolleyes: I met my (ex)wife about 2 years after I had a course of roaccutane which had cleared my skin up 99%. Gradually my acne began to worsen over the following few years. As a result my moods/confidence sunk, I would make any excuse not to socialise, took many weeks off work with 'stress' and ultimately my marriage hit the rocks, which in itself depressed me even further. Anyway, now my acne is mild again but I still get the odd flare-up, like this week
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  4. Having tried the CSR and EPO I stopped using topicals altogether (since oct 06). Instead I began by taking a small dose of vitamins twice daily, and cut out chocolate almost entirely. After 2-3 weeks my skin had improved markedly, and continued to do so until the last couple of weeks. I'm attributing this to lack of sun more than anything else though. Now I still do get random small red marks, but very rarely get a 'spot', and when I do it is barely inflammed (never whitehead), and lasts 24-48 h
  5. Just had a couple of breakouts today after almost 5 days on the course. The spots themselves are more like hives than anything else though. As if the starflower oil didn't get properly converted for some reason and had the opposite effect. The breakout itself is all in one small patch on my cheek though it is v red and blotchy. I did get one small 'hive' on my other cheek last night which I also put down to the starflower oil, but that was totally gone when I woke this morning. I need to make su
  6. Decided to join in... anyway, went to holland+barretts (UK) and got - 50 x 1000mg starflower caps for £4.24 (on offer, usually 8.49) 50 x 1200mg soya lecithin caps for £2.79 100 x 100mg niacin tabs for £2.49 100 x 200mcg chromium picolinate for £2.29 ^^ Just to give uk folks a general idea of how much this regimen costs. Didn't get vit C cause I already had 500mg tabs lying about. I like the sound of this 'internal' approach to acne rather than heaping on the bp. I'll let you know
  7. To be honest I am thinking of dumping the bp altogether and just washing with Dan's cleanser from now on. I have come to the conclusion that almost any topical solutions irritate my skin no matter what. My skin tends to be naturally dry and very sensitive so bp/sa etc are just too much for it too handle. I will def need to keep using the eucerin tho as my skin dries out by itself anyway. The only thing that ever worked for me 100% was (ro)accutane which was 8 yrs ago now. I know I won't get it t
  8. Yeah, I have. After 6-7 days just using hot water/moisturiser I have had breakouts like I used to have before I went on the CSR. I feel like I'm back to the start again, only worse. The whole dipping thing is refreshing and did help my skin tone, but as an anti-acne tool it hasn't worked for me at all.
  9. Not to put a downer on things but I just noticed this in the pinned 'Biggest Mistakes People Make to Treat Acne:, What Not to Do' topic.. 11. Don't steam the skin or rinse with hot water as this can cause capillaries to surface and irritation. It is best to wash with luke-warm water. If this regimen works for enough people then maybe no. 11 might get cut.. you never know
  10. Having been on the csr for some 9 weeks I was getting sick of the constant extremes, ie dryness/redness/flakiness or sweaty-looking over-moisturised skin. I will say this however, from week 1 of the regimen I completely stopped getting new acne, at least the forms of acne I used to get. Before, my skin would have been some 95% clear/smooth but with always 1-3 small active whiteheads. These were enough to compel me to try the csr to finally rid me of acne for good (now 28, had acne since 17-ish).
  11. I have been on the csr for almost 2 months now and I haven't really had any new acne since week 2. But due to the csr I find my skin becoming blotchy rather than having new spots. If I do get a spot it doesn't develop at all and just shows a slight red mark under the skin without rising to the surface. Also, because of (i think) minor irritation and dryness caused by the bp, I get small red patches mostly around the mouth area. Due to this occasional irritation I find myself having to usually sk
  12. Took me about 2 weeks to get over the reddening/burning. However, if I put on too much BP at night, when I wake up in the morning my skin would be flaky in places and usually a red patch or two somewhere. Then I would need to skip that BP application or my skin would become even more stingy/reddened. This seems to happen about once a week even though I (try to) use exactly the same amount of BP. To adjust more easily to the BP I found using around half my nightly amount of BP in the mornings wa
  13. I too had a minor breakout when I started the CSR using Oxy OTS. When I switched to Dan's BP 10 days later it had no negative effect whatsoever, in fact the gel is more absorbent and less irritating than Oxy OTS was. Good luck!
  14. I don't know if anyone else gets this but I almost always get one or two small pimples the morning after a nights drinking. I always wash my face when I get home regardless of what state I'm in, and I don't eat junk food before or after I start drinking so I dunno. Tomorrow night will be my first drink since I started the regimen so hopefully history doesn't repeat itself on Sunday morning.
  15. I switched to Dan's cleanser on Monday and it has been fine, certainly less drying than other cleansers I have used. I find that just washing for the recommended 10 seconds then rinsing immmediately is much less irritating than washing for longer than needed. Changing cleansers can cause breakouts initially tho. I'm sticking with it anyway, up to you.
  16. Lol. I placed my order on Thursday morning and the package arrived today (4 cleansers, 8 BP). Very pleased with quick delivery.