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    Not worth the price

    Not worth the price

    I asked for this for Christmas since I could not originally afford the $70+ system. It did clear up some of my acne, but I have used drugstore one-product brands that worked better. For the price paid, I would not buy again. Also, it is very drying in the winter time so I had to buy a better working moisturizer than what came with the system.
  2. CakieB

    Love it!

    Love it!

    Even though it's exfoliating, it's gentle enough to use daily (or even twice daily). I combine it with their moisturizer and I love it. While my face isn't free from breakouts, it's clearer than it has been with expensive products like Clinique or Proactive. I only get a few pimples as opposed to full face breakouts. I will definitely be repurchasing.