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  1. I'm not completey sure, but that may be milia, whiteheads, or pores that are congested with oil. I'd maybe lean more towards milia since it commonly starts around people's eyes but it can go nearly anywhere on someone's face. It's kind of like a white bump that is usually filled with keratin and doesn't have an opening on the surface of the skin like blackheads or whiteheads have. It usually goes away on its own or it just turns into acne but they're pretty stubborn to remove since they don't ha
  2. BellaDonna16


    It could be! That's usually the case for a lot of people in their teenage years, but like I said, everyone's skin is different. Sometimes acne doesn't just go away on it's own once you hit 18 or older. Sometimes it could be something in your diet as well. When you're only 16 though you shouldn't be worrying about if it will stay forever, since it is something that usually just comes with being a teenager.
  3. BellaDonna16

    Literally amazing

    Literally amazing

    I've always struggled with keeping my makeup in place all day since my skin gets oily once I apply makeup to it. I found that I would over-apply powder or use too many matte products (matte foundation with matte coverup etc) and it would make my face look really dull and lifeless. Towards the end of the day it would look really cakey and dry but oily at the same time so I was getting overly stressed over what makeup products would work best. I came across Burberry's Luminous Fluid Base and had d
  4. BellaDonna16

    One of the best

    One of the best

    This is currently my go to high end foundation. It applies so smoothly and it leaves a very subtle glow. I have combination skin that gets pretty oily with makeup on, so I was expecting this foundation to slide off as the day went on, but the staying power is pretty good with it. NARS has a pretty good range of shades compared to some other foundations, so finding your match with the right undertones is a lot easier.
  5. BellaDonna16

    Wanted to love it so much

    Wanted to love it so much

    I was beyond excited to try this foundation out since I had seen so many people rant and rave about its wondrous coverage and lasting power. I picked up the lightest colour there was (I can't remember the exact name for the shade) that had yellow undertones in it and I was really taken aback the first time I tried it. It was extremely cakey no matter how little I used. It just kind of sat on my skin like a mask and made it look like I was wearing near 4 coats of foundation when I had only used a
  6. BellaDonna16

    Proactiv + vs The Original

    From what I've seen in the reviews for Proactive on here, the new formula made their skin worse and wasn't anything like the original formula. It may be worth changing up what product you use since your skin might just be building up a tolerance to Proactive.
  7. BellaDonna16


    I can't recall ever meeting someone who had never had a breakout at least once in their life. I think acne is something a lot of people can relate to, but depending on how bad their breakouts are some people may not fully understand the extent of it compared to someone who had more severe acne. Honestly, if someone doesn't want to get to know someone simply because they have acne is completely their loss since it doesn't define you a person. I found as you get older more people don't pay it much
  8. After finally getting rid of my acne, I was able to get an appointment with a dermatologist to get a treatment for mild hyperpigmentation and mild scarring. Most of the products the derm gave me though were focused more on treating acne rather than a peel etc. to help lighten. She gave me TactuPump (tactuo/epiduo), although I'm very scared to use it. From the reviews I've read about it, it can cause some nasty purges and markings. I just got rid of my acne, and I definitely don't want it to come
  9. BellaDonna16

    What Product Can I Buy For Acne Marks?

    I use the Alpha Hydrox AHA Souffle with 12% Glycolic Acid. I think it does a good job at fading marks and helps brighten your complexion. I also use Murad's exfoliator with AHA and BHA (I can't remember what it was called exactly) but it does a great job. It doesn't feel as though it is scraping your skin off since it has very light exfoliate beads. Skin feels awesome and smooth though once you use it, and you gradually see some acne scars lightening over time.
  10. BellaDonna16

    I Am 17 Years I Got Acne, Acne Scar

    WikiHow might not be the most 100% effective method to use since (as I find) it shows the very basic methods to get rid of acne. Sadly the basic methods only seem to work well for a handful of people while others have to create more "complex" regimes. There are a few things to consider before you start treating your skin though, such as if your skin is oily, combination, normal, or dry. Does your skin seem to react to certain foods after you eat them? Dairy products are usually known to cause br
  11. BellaDonna16

    Not worth the time

    Not worth the time

    Proactiv was one of the first acne treatments I tried when I had very, very mild acne. Not only did it not work, but it basically stained every single thing it came into contact with. I was never able to use this stuff daily as it would completely dry out my skin, cause it to become very red and irritated, and just be very painful to apply. It ended up making my acne worse then it was before I started it. While I got rid of the 4-step treatment items, I actually ended up keeping their "Refining
  12. BellaDonna16

    Someone Tell Me If This Is Acne?

    From the pictures, it really only looks like you have one very small pimple rather than full out acne. The rest looks like small hyperpigmentation/dark marks. You can help fade them and get a better texture on your skin by exfoliating weekly to help get rid of dead skin cells. You could also try looking into products with AHA and BHA as they do a wonderful job at fading markings.
  13. BellaDonna16

    Dark Red Scars Being Left By Any Sort Of Acne

    I usually had to deal with the same issue every time my skin broke out (I'd also sometimes just get red markings appear randomly on my face despite never having acne there...). Most of them do fade over a period of time, as quite a few of mine have faded over a few months. There are some natural routes to try such as the lemon juice people have mentioned before. Some people find it really helps lighten the skin and quicken the fading, so it should definitely be worth a try. It's important though
  14. BellaDonna16

    Help Please

    Sounds like your skin is irritated, which could have been brought on by a variety of factors. Acne products can be pretty tough on the skin which can lead to the redness and irritation sometimes. It's really important you find a balance between moisturizing, exfoliating, and using the products meant to get rid of acne. You could try putting ice overtop the effected areas as it can calm swelling and reduce redness. If you're finding your skin to be too itchy and red while using your current clean
  15. BellaDonna16

    First Time

    The acne could have been brought on by a variety of things such as diet, stress, hormones, oily skin etc, so it can sometimes be hard to pin-point exactly why it flared up so suddenly. I'd suggest looking at your diet first. Do you have a lot of dairy products? They can usually be one of the reasons people get sudden breakouts. There are a ton of methods you could try to help clear your acne, but they are really all just trial and error products. You can get various spot-treatments with sali