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  1. Hello everyone, Will my 1.5 dermaroller work on improving my rolling acne scars? I got it to use on my hair. Has anyone used their dermarolller for two types o treatments? Will a 1.5 even work on scars? I hope I get some feedback. Thanks
  2. 752 Awesome Awesome Roberitoo! Do you mind me asking by who? I might have it done by Dr. Rapaport in NJ. Someone else told me they were not happy with having it done.
  3. 1371 Did anyone here get subscision done and were unhappy with it? How about Dermapen? Might that be a good alternative?
  4. Good responses. I considered I might have that condition until I learned others see my skin imperfections too. 1356
  5. I am a middle aged man. I don't have a job right now. Wow, that many days? How did you like the results of your subsicion? Someone just told me they were very disatisified with theirs. 541
  6. DC-Girl thank you for sharing this great and hopeful testimonial. I'm wondering if TC Crossing can work for a middle aged man? I know that older people do not produce as much collagen as when they were young. I don't know if you spoke of this or not, but did you do the TCA Crossing and Derma Stamping at home or with a professional? Thanks 504
  7. 468 Will I need time off from work if I get a subscion done? Can I just go to work or will I look bruised up? Thanks
  8. 253 My obession goes back to the 1970s before many of the scars appeared. Sometimes I don't worry about them anymore. But when I see them I obsess.
  9. 886 Is it normal for a middle aged man to get obsessed with the flaws in his skin? I'm talking aging, sagging, eye bags and the horrible acne rolling scars.
  10. Hi, I'm posting this here because I'm feeling emotional angst on the subject. I really want to get my rolling scars fixed. However, I would have to go into my retirement money to do it. I am out of work and my w would be majorly pissed off! I don't blame her. But I want to finally get some procedure that would help the scars. What would you do if you were in my shows? Just go ahead and do it? Do it at home? Get a secret loan? My life is a mess, and has been for years. If I could make the scars
  11. 84 How did it work for you? Are you happy with the outcome? What route do you think I should go?
  12. This is amazing! I am so going to try this! What kind of vacume does he use? By needeling do you mean dermarolling?
  13. Does anyone have experience doing TCA Crossing at home? Is it dangerous? Might I do more damage than good? I have a little bit darker skin. I am a middle aged male. I have rolling scars and one ice pick pore scar. Thanks
  14. I went to Dr. Rapaport in NJ and he suggested susbision with suction. I think I will go that route. The rolling scars were bad enough to bother me. They have gotten worse since I have aged. I have an ice pick pore scar that really is bad. It's not big but it's bad. Would TCA Cross help with that? Or, would they just cut it and stitch it up? I wonder if Dr. Rapaort does that? I have olive type skin. Should I stay away from lasars? How about dermarolling after I get the subsission? Should I