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  1. I never ate garlic before.. Today after my meal i ate 3 garlic cloves and now i feel not very good. Lol i don't like... My stomach feels uhh
  2. Hello budy. Thanks for replying. I've just googled this and ive seen what is about. Since yesterday i started using Sage Tea and Propolis together in one and i put it over my back and face. No i had those for like 1 month... ive started using this since yesterday like i said. I get on my cheeks aswell but not much, on the cheeks they are just inside... I will have to order this Hibiclens from internet and i will have to wait it like 2 months.. since i live in a foreign country.. ill try to look
  3. No i didn't test for allergies lately but around 6 years i did and i have allergy on flowers and such things. I see. I'm using a baby soap for a while. I have went to few doctors and none of them could help me all they gave me different gels and such creams and noone of them helped me after a while use. I cannot find a help in my city..... thts why i used this forums
  4. Hello guys. I'm 20 year old male and i have got this problem for a while now. I went to a different dermatologists and nobody could identify why i get so much acnes or how to clean my body. I have made 2 photos of my face and my back and i would like to share it with you. I have tried some creams, gels and such but nothing helped me in common. I would be really thankful if anybody could give me help!