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  1. isnt spironolactone onlly for girls
  2. lucky i would be happy to just be done with highschool hell all though im not trying to say that ur situation is anything short of miserable but i would give anything to be out of highschool
  3. i sometimes think that if i should of just let my face alone and just not out as much creams and shit on it like my friends did whos skin is now clear its amazing im the one who acutally went out and did somthing about it and they didnt and now there skin is clear and mine still has this shit on it
  4. well what can they do abobt the redmarks not scars but just redmakrs
  5. dont take the pillllllllllllllllllll and i thought there were bc pills that didnt have all those nsty side effects like otherones that cleared up ur acne and things like that but i could be wrong
  6. i used to sit in the bathroom during lunch just sitting ther in the stall cus i had to blot my face every 2o mins but then my medical skills teacher didnt care that i would come in and sit in the class and everyime i get to class i always put my head down and study and do my work thats what i always do i very rarley look up to see somthing and i hate it i took all the small things for granted like that last year when i had clear skin just go to school and study seriously that will get ur mind of
  7. differin cream is supposed to work better then differin gel atleast thats what it says on the site i cant personally tell u abou it cus i took the gel im just replying cus noone did and i just want to tell u to go to differin.com and it will tell u the differince and things like that about the gel and cream
  8. ever since i started breaking out and getting oily skin i see no reson to mess with my hair and yes im a guy and tht was the only maintnence i had to do
  9. ik its just the only reason i would want to take it when im out of school would be i wouldnt have to go to school and be sitting in classes for 90 mins with people and be peeling and shit but i prob will get tane when i go back to my derm appt in october
  10. has anyone here done accutane during their school year or did they justg get through the school year want wait to do it in the summer if you did do it during school can you tell me ur experience of it and what it was like?
  11. are you not supposed to exfoiliate while ur on retinol products or does it not matter?
  12. i prob would try it but i dont have severe cystic acne just mild and oily skin wich my derm thinks is cus of the humid and pollution here or i would do a low dose and see if that could fix my problem but i doubt it would
  13. ahah try accutane id rather not but hey watch it be the shit and work and do mircales or watch it mess up my skin and me be in the same problem i am now idk
  14. has anyone used aveeno ultra calming daily moisturizer and cvs brand blotting sheets if so can you give me ur feed back please
  15. can having a hyperactive thyroid cause increase ur chances of breakouts or does that have nothing to do with it cus i thought the thyroid controlled or regulated ur hormones or somthing anyone that can tell me would be awesome.
  16. shaving too closely; shaving with a blunt blade; dry shaving; applying too much pressure when shaving; shaving too fast; shaving too roughly. going agianst the grain and the shaving gel/cream you use will prevent bumps and i use a venus razor but its for girls so you might not like it and i suggest you get some aveeno shaving gel its the best
  17. i thought if one antibiotic didnt work then why would any other man i don tlike the antibiotcs cus i guess ur acne just comes back when ur on it
  18. aha im preatty sure thats not her and thats marykate or whatever olsen
  19. i dont care what ben and jerrys is made out of its a dairy product and wich its milk and no matter what for me if i eat or drink anyhting that is dairy i break out im speaking out of my own personal expeiernce
  20. just a question im not expecting you guys to know but if you did it would be great. i go back to the derm in october and she has put me on differn, duac, doxycycline, plexion, tazorac, and im on retin a micro right now it doesnt seem to be working but im in the 6th week and i dont know if it will clear me up but my question is what else is there does anyone have anyidea on what she might put me on im just curious.
  21. what the hell this is complete bull shit i look around my school and i see that noone has this problem that i have noones face is oily and coverd in pimples and its just like godd damn why out of everyone do i have to have zits and oily skin and red marks it wouldnt bother me that much if all i had were pimples but no i have all three and its been like this for the past 6 months nd it wont go away and i thought it waas supposed to imrpove as you got older and im getting older everyday theres no