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  1. holy shit mine are exactly the same and are in the same spot and i dont see mine fading in 2 to 3 months cus theve been there for a copile of months
  2. i guess when you have ance and ur using topicals it makes you look like you dont feel good or that ur sick and you dont feel good cus i was sitting in class and i felt good and shit minus knowing whats on my face and all of asudden at the end of class we had a guess soeaker and she came over to me an was like you dont look like you feel good and i was like fuck man and then i just lied to her and was like yeah im sick and then i got it again from someone else its just like omg life is awesome!1
  3. this stuff kinda works im on the third day of using it but i think it would work better if i used the moisturizer thay provied but idk
  4. you should replyback after u go to ur derms appt to see what u can do about those redmakrs cus i cant go to the derm till the 28th of this month so i have a while
  5. i just started using it tonight it comes with a moisturizer but im nto going to use it u can buy it at cvs and walmart maybe and walgreens im sure and idk what to compre it to cus ivenever used anything for redmarks
  6. i think ram is supposed to make u oily i thought
  7. u cant use it with bp well i got benzaclin and ive been using it but i havent used it on the left side of my face but the redmarks are on that side not the pimples so i should be good but why cant u use bp
  8. i bought it from cvs it looks promising kinda sorta
  9. has anyone heard of this acne free scar fade and erase system its supposed to fade red marks also
  10. has anyone heard of or used the acne free complete scar fade and erease system???
  11. yeah ik shes put me on doryx,taz,diff,duac,plexion,ram and now benzaclin the diff worked for a year and then just stoped and after that she gave me the dorys and then taz and then ram and my skin has never been the same and when my mom asked her about taking it she said that it was for people with cystic acne and i was like god damn i think ijust need to let her know how annoying it is to wake up everyday with the same stuff on ur face and barley no improvment
  12. yeah i cant wait for that day to come were thats all i have to do
  13. do you think ishould try and get accutane i have prob 4 pimples active pimples and alot of red marks and oily skin out of the ass bt my pimples just keep comming back and this oily skin is a pain in the ass and yes you might think im a bitch for complaining about oily skin but my body produces so much oil on the face its making life a pain in the ass but idk
  14. i had honestly thought i found mine even tho im young but we would talk every day non stop and i actually enjoyed it and wantedd to see her more every day instead of getting into her pants but then she moved to college and hooked up with another guy yaea!
  15. how old are you? and do you think ur skin is oily cus its hot and humid or do u live in somewere like antartica
  16. im wondering the same thing but im only seventeen so i guess am still going throu pubertis but my skin used to never be oily at 16 and i had acne at 14 and im now 17 and my skin gets oily then anything that is my main problem along with redmarks and pimplees i want to know if im a late bloomer for pubertis cus ur skin i thought normally was supposed to start getting oily at 15 to 16
  17. is there anything derms can do to get rid of redmarks anything at alllllllll or anytype of laser or anything
  18. same thing with me i used to have really clear skin but my acne isnt cystic or anything enough to get accutane so now i have red makrs and 4 pimples but the redmarks are preatyy much all over
  19. when do u usally get these rashes? when did you start getting them? and if u get them and they keep comming back but then go away and then come back its either a heat rash or u have contact dermatitis
  20. im going to try and keep this short but i just cant stand the fact that every day when i wake up in the morning there are actually kids out there who dont have to worry about skin problems at all and when i say skin problems i mean oily ass skin, pimples, peeling,reddness,huge pores,redmarks,scars just eveythign and the things that we have to do or think we do to keep us from braking out and the things that we miss out on in life. i just wish once i could wake up 10 mins before school hop i
  21. i can only tell you based on my experince and is that differin didnt dry me out and didnt make me peel but it really cleard my face really good but the benzaclin you deff need a moisturizer cus i just got prescribed that its working ok but i thought u wer supposed to combine the benzaclin with somthing for it to be really effective?
  22. this is prob a dumb question cus there are alot of post about people who have cystic acne and dont get accutane when they ask for it. but do you think a derm would give u a really low doese of accutane to get rid of insane oily skin and to just reduce the size of the pores?
  23. i dont really look forward to going to school but when i dont think about it and just do my work the week goes by soo fast its amazing this year isnt going to be to good but atleast last year my sophmore yeaer was prob the besttt school year by far
  24. if shes pushing u towrs zeno or was giving u broschures than u dont need accutane cus zeno is for pimples like one or two not 10 or cyst or anything so idk