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  1. idk about scars i dont ahve scars i just have redmarks so i cant speak on behalf of how it effects scars but overall i think its a good product
  2. ull know when uve grown out of it when you can stop using ur topicals and not get a pimple for a long time and if u get a pimple every now and than it its really small thats usally when uve grown out of it
  3. yeah it sucks and when their looking at my face i think man i wonder what there thinking now but whatever i cant do anythign about it
  4. can eating apples and peaches preatty much every day help or clear ur skin at all? cus i just had my first peache the other day and damn those things are good i think im going to plan on eatting alot everyday
  5. whats everyone doing on this awesome weekend i guess im going to sit at home with topicals on my face hoping there will be a chance my face will look a tad better by mondayy
  6. who did this and why thats the only thing i want to know
  7. it says it does do good for scars not fill them in but not make them as noticable but i dont see that happening. i did how ever see that it faded my redmarks after 4 days of use but i quit using it cus i had a zit and i want to get rid of that and if u do use it i suggest u moisturize right after you use it i was shocke to find my red marks had faded a little for a product i bought at cvs
  8. it does work this shit works it worked on me and im stoekd but i stopped cus i got a zit around my remarks so now im going ot slap some benzaclin on it and then continue but this stuff works if ur redmarks arnt that bad but are there
  9. facial hair is gay seriously u dont want it u have to shave every single damn day and its soo gay
  10. john mayer is the shit you guys can bash me all you want im sticking with john mayer hes the best
  11. i have a question on accutane cus i have tried tones of topicals and shit and my acne is still persistant and here and my question is if you take accutane and the right dose for as long as ur supposed to and ur still going through puberty and the oil and acne goes away will it return in ur late 20s after puberty usually full force like will ur oil be as bad as it would be in ur adolecent years i guess what im trying to ask is if i take accutane while im still in my teens (17) will my oil and
  12. im going through the same thing and i cant stand it idk what to do either cus iknow if i block this girl from aim ill constantly wonder what is she doing and how is she doing it sucks cus the more i talk to this girl i like her more and the less i talk to her ill go crazy so preatty much it sucks and idk what to tell you
  13. i used it during the day to not everyday but like if i had a pimple i would use it there the night before and then i went to school and used a small like barley any on the pimple in the morning but thats just what i did and i would come home and the pimple wouldlook smaller
  14. i would tell her and deff start taking the differn and get it over with and the breakout and then ull have clear skin and then you can prob share ur topicals with her if proactive quits working for her ha that would be cute wait that made me sound gay
  15. damn i hope to god when i go see my derm that she doesnt say ooh they will go away in time i thouhgt that for redmarks and after u dont really have acne or pimples they would want you to do a peel or dermabrasion or prescribe you somthing for the redmarks cus arnt therre topical creams or gels for redmarks?
  16. ive never had coke zzero i dont really like coke but mt dew and pepsi are prob the best i think by far exp mt dew
  17. pepsi is good as shit but all i had was coke and i cringed but i had to drink it
  18. ha omg im always afraid when im sleeping in my history class that girls are going to slap me in my face cus there always touching me and shit and if they touch my face ill go crazy
  19. i finally took a sip of coke and i havent had a coke for 7 months i didnt want to take it out of the fridge but i had to walk home and when i got home i opend the fridge for a drink and there it was a cold can sodapop just sitting in the fridge and i had to drink it and now i feel like im going to throw up
  20. ha thanks that was when i didnt have acne and i dont know why the pic is in black and white but thanks
  21. does this stuff smell really bad cus i was looking in my fridge for drink and i saw this and i didnt htink anything of it till i got back on the board and looked and i had a bottle of acv in my fridge and it stinks really bad and it says apple cider vinager on it and is it the same as what most people on here are using