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  1. glycolic acid peels what do they do can someone please tell me what all they do for the skin like if they decrease pore size or oilyness or get rid of redmarks facial redness or get rid of whiteheads or anything pleaseeeeeeeeee tell me what a glycolic acid peel is used for and how it can help the skin and im talking about ones done professionaly like by the aestaicions and stuff please tell me thankg you i said the word or to much but please im thinking about a glycolic acid peel
  2. quick has anyone seen the movie american pshyco is it any good ????? someone told me i looked like christian bale in one of my pictures from myspace and idk if i should take that as a compliement or as ha idk whatever is that movie good i want to go rent it why am i asking this on an acne site>?
  3. i had just gone to the aesticcian and she said that i should do a series of 6 glycolic acid peels to fade my red marks and my discoloration. has anyone had success with glycolic peels or making there skin smooth? im just wanting to know how differ was ur skin after getting the peels done
  4. has anyones derm prescribed them benziq i looked on the rating for it and im not sure if its the same thing but it might be but does anyone have any experiecne with the benziq wash the 5.25percent one. any feedback would be awesome
  5. after you got this done did you have to use topicals anymore or do u just keep going back in for more of the treatment instead of the use of topicals?
  6. did it do anythign for ur redmarks cus i was going to as my derm if the aestatician could do photodynamic therapy wich i think is the same thing as what u had done. but i was just wondering if it treated acne oily skin and redmarks at the same time cus that would be amazing? and did the size of ur pores look smaller after ur treatments??
  7. did anyone see or hear about what cnn had to say about accutane cus i was sitting in calss while everyone was at the pep really and me and my teacher and two other kids were like lets watch the news and under the little headlinesit said somthing like the drug accutane treated for acne has blahahahhaha idk it went to fast it just scrolled by me and it ddint bring it up again does anyone know what else was said about it
  8. damn i wish my face would only get oily after 3 to 4 hours im in the bathrooom every 40 mins and i wish that was an exaggeration
  9. mdp703 how bad was ur acne to begien with? and did you notice that ur pores got smaller and decrease in oilyness? and also does this treat redmakrs too?
  10. im just wonderin ghow much it cost? but my mom said shed pay for it no matter what the cost i just want to know how much
  11. hey im so glad u brought this up cus i was considering getting it done and have a consult with a dr the 17 about it but i have mild acne and crzy oily skin with redmarks does the photodynamic therapy get rid of the oily skin and redmarks to can you please tell me more about it?
  12. yeah i heard its a bit pricy im going in for a consult in 3 weeks. idk it looks like its worth it but u only had ur results last for a couple of months but if u dont mind me asking how many treatments did u get done and how bad was ur acne?
  13. how long did you stay clear and how long did the oil stay away cus it said results woul last 3 years but i dont think they would last that long
  14. doesnt it say clearly on the box or tube thing not ot use it anywere else but ur armpits cus i use taht stuff to and i was going to use it on my face and then i read somthing that ur not supposd to use it on ur face
  15. The first step is to have a Levulan® Kerastick® topical solution applied to the skin. This solution makes the treated areas more sensitive to light, which prepares the skin for the second step in the process. After leaving the topical solution on the skin for 45-60 minutes, therapy continues with a Blue Light Treatment. A Blue Light Treatment session lasts 4-8 minutes. The ALA makes the skin extremely sun-sensitive, so patients are advised to stay out of the sun for 24 hours following tre
  16. can this photodynamic therapy be the cure for acne it says that photodynamic is for people with persistant acne and people were accutane didnt work for them. it says it works jut like accutane minus all the bad side effects. it shuts down the sebacious glands in the skin. exfoilitates the skin. and kills the bacteria how much it cost idk but ive seen before and after pictures and it looks preatty sweet! i think im going to ask my derm about it or ask the aestatichian or whatnot.
  17. have any of you guys heard of photodynamic thearpy? it says its used for acne and getting rid of oily skin and redmarks and i was wondering if anyone has tried it or knows anyone who has
  18. has anyone heard of photodynamic thearpy and have they had it done to them cus im looking into trying it and seeing if its worht it it looks promising
  19. do you guys think its ok to use differin one night on ur forehead or anywere on ur face and then another night benzaclin or should i only be using one pleasee helpp anyone
  20. has anyone ever been on tane in the army or nave or can you i think that would be the worst place to have to go be on tane
  21. aveeno use there sensitive or whatever shaving creams idont have a picture to show you but any of aveeno shaving gels use the gels are good
  22. damn i think i found out why my face always looks soo greasy. i was sitting in the shower well not sitting i was standing and i was just rubbing my nose and all of asudden i felt as if i was like rubbing off dead skin and i looked on my thumb and there was and then i started to rub my face were i apply moisturizer in hopes of getting rid of my redmarks and keep in mind i had thought i already washed all the moisturizer off my face from the night before but i guess i didnt so i contunied to gent
  23. no what i meant to say was afer uve done had acne why dont people get facials to clear up there redmarks and stuff cus i thought thats what facials did was fade ur redmarks. i could care less if someone thought i waas gay for going to get a facial id rather get rid of this stuff than have i on my face cus im afraid of if someone thinks im gay fuck that
  24. excuse my ignorance but my mom was like one u stop getting those pimples will go down and get a facial and exfoiliation to get rrid of those redmarks and ithougth do facials and exfoiliation actually get rid of red marks or what? c can someone please tell me what they do cus i havent a clue?