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  1. im going to keep this short but i was just wondering if its ok to take protein shakes while on accutane will taking the protein shakes effect the accutane in any way as in make it less effective i mean that does sound stupid and obvious but idk
  2. i have been on amnesteem for 30 days and i started out on two 20 mg pills a day to equal a total of 40mg a day and the oil didnt stop till around day 20 but it didnt stop compltely and im just a little worried cus now im on day thirty and i was switched to just one pill of 40 mg a day and it seems that my oil is comming back not badddddd but it jsut seems like its a little bit more excessive then it should be for me being on accutane and thhat im only on day 30. and also why would my derm put m
  3. thats probably not oily skin it might be ur moisturizer from the night before that u didnt get completly off in the shower maybe u need to change moistorizer or find one thats not as thick or dont put on as much i had the same problem just a little thought not saying that is ur problem tho but it might help
  4. yeah my derm wrote out 20mg as a half dose for the first month and i was unsure if i had to take it only once or twice perday and my mom said when we piced it up from the pharmacy it would say on the box and it said take two per day but oh well
  5. i just have a few questions that ik i should of asked my derm while i was in there but when you wait 2 years to get this stuff and you get the chance you just cant think right but... is the accutane taking two times a day cus she didnt say anything about how many times and im shure it will say on my perscritpion sheet when i go pick it up from the pharmacy but if anyone can tell me how many times you take it thatd be great. and also my derm started me out on a 20mg dose for the first month s
  6. i am getting accutane tomrrow if my blood test is good but i was jw how bad my ib is going to be considering i havent used topicals on my face in at least three months but i havent really had any new breakouts so im thinking that my ib wont be as bad but i could also be wrong. and another thing when u go for your first blood test to get on accutane and ur triglicerides are high will the dermstill prescribe the accutane to you cus i thought the blood test was just to see if accutaen is elevating
  7. i am going on accutane in 20 days and i am worried cus my face cleared up a tad and i have 5 pimpls and rest red marks and huge pores and am an oil slick but im afraid im actually growoing out of acne so should i actually still want to go on tane cus ive heard of people with like one zit want to go on it just so there skin will end up looking flawless and perfect like can someone actually please tell me will my skin look like fantastic after i take accutane will my pores reduce in size or appear
  8. i went to my derm last week and we started talking about accutane and she said well nothing has worked for you so i might as well prescribe it to you cus i had just got done with a series of glycolic acid peels with no clearing of acne and right now i can get a prescription of accutane but the question is do i want it or will it even help me cus i have more redmarks then acne i prob have around 8 active pimples but with a boatload of post inflamatory marks and insanely oily skin so my question i
  9. or atleast i will be getting it if my blood work is ok but im just curious as to how much ill actually benefit from it considering i dont have cystic acne just persistant acne and oily skin that is just horrible and post inflamatory acne and my derm said that would clear up while on accutane and i was just wondering is that true?
  10. i went in yesterday for my peels from my estatichan and she was talking to me about accutane and all the problems with it and then went on to say about this new laser she has and how it works almost the same as accutane but its not AS effective. she called it the cynneron i think thats how its spelt but does anyone else have more information on it
  11. i have never used soap before in washing my face and instead of using a washcloth to always clean my face i was wondering if or waht kind of soap bar would be good for me i have extreamly oily skin and acne and redmarks i was just wondering if any of the cetaphil bars of soaps or any soap at all would help me by clearing up my facial redness or getting rid of all the gunk in my pores and preveting newbreak outs so if anyone can tell me what type of cetaphil bar soap to use on my face or any o
  12. also can having high blood pressure limit ur chances to getting on accutaneee or can being treated for highblood pressure have a drug interaction with accutane or make accutane loose its effectiveness
  13. pleaseee tell me what i should say to my derm or my gp to get accutane i have been on duac tazorac differin plexion benzaclin retin a micro doryx and a series of glycolic acid peels recoomendd by the dermatologist idk what else to try and i have an appt to see my derm march 20 and a appt to see my gp feb 12 idk if i should bring it up to my gp or waht cus everytime im in there we talk about my acne but she doesnt do much cus im seeing a derm and i was just wondierng what i should do cus ihave v
  14. can someone pleasee answer me my question is it ok or normal for people to take a wash cloth and get it wet and go clock wise or any motion on ur face very gently to get off all the oil and dead skin off or should i not be doing that cus i just started it uesterday and i dont want to irritate my skin more soo what do you guys think is it ok to do that and im not using soap im just using a washcloth and gently rubbing it on my face getting all the crap off
  15. http://www.oratin.com/oratin_comparison.htm there it is comparet to accutane and topicals and antibiotics