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  1. thanks man, you and I are real trueblood niggaz, fo real. Imma pour dis 40 for you

    1. you make me feel like dinner at that one restaurant you like

      1. yer a real pal, Jaxin, if only you were my uncle or something

        1. thanks, you sure are a nice fella, Taymes. :]

          1. I got a few good luls out of it too. Mary Chrismans!

            1. thanks thanks :) appreciate the encouragement. Keep doing your niche(s) too!

              1. why would they cry? are you saying im a bad kisser

                1. we could do that, or I could just bring over the D&D goodz.

                  1. you probably would. I'm more of a monopoly/serial killer gamist anyway. They're related like I'm related to michael jordon. Man I love Haynes commercials.

                    1. cool man, cool. I'll bring the trivial pursuit and overall disappointing atmosphere.

                      1. no, but only on the internet. In real life I'm just a shell of a man, secluded and terrified. ow about you?

                        1. aw hell, I still don't even know what I want to concentrate on...what is your concentration? Maybe you mentioned it before? Interior design?

                          1. good advice. I just don't know what I'm doing. When should you apply to a school? like the semester before? Would I apply next spring if i wanted to go next fall?

                            1. you guys are in for a long time, unless you started in september. I guess I am a sophomore and have 2 years left. Except I'm at a community college so I'd need to transfer to an expensive 4 year school I guess...