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  1. Wiggles I came back to the boards to see whats going on and your not here :sadface:

  2. thanks man, you and I are real trueblood niggaz, fo real. Imma pour dis 40 for you

  3. ya nephew im sorry that im late and shit but y'all know your uncle Jaxin bein all drunk and up into the female trash an shit...but a sincere happy belated birthday to ya fo realios Kyle:)

  4. haha thanks! I guess I'm back now though.

  5. Sounds nice. Shall I bring flowers?x

  6. I think i'll LEE right now!

    farewell dear friend.

  7. hahaha yes. At least I didn't make oneadem "HEY IM LEAVIN" threads O_O

    And good to hear everything's been pretty steady. that is, if things were good to start with.

  8. Ive been rosy.

    I didnt think anyone'd notice. but I post here and there for a few lulz. Howve you been

  9. I've no idea but we are going there.