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  1. Bio- oil is also good product for your problem.. But use it after doctor suggestion..
  2. Thanks to share this wonderful informative article.. I think Laser scar treatment is the best solution for it...I have too say you explain treatment in a good and appreciative way..
  3. I haven't take it but i have a suggestion for you.. You can use masks to remove extra oil from your face. You can also try home remedies on your oily skin..
  4. Hair Transplant is the only permanent solution of your hair loss. Many people tell you this procedure is very scary and horriable but you don't need to fear about anything..Hair Transplant is a safe, reliable and advance treatment of hair loss.You can take this treatment by watching tv also... So don't afraid about anything.. If you make your mind to get for surgery .. then You just need to find a good hair doctor or dermatologist who have adequate experience in this sector.. you take this proce
  5. Tried very high doses of biotin, I'd did nothing but make my hair grow faster. Sorry for my ignorance but what is RU?Update: Still getting a bit freaked out and worried by my hair loss but I got my results back from the doctor and my testyorone levels are normal, my vitamin d3 levels are ok, my cholesterol is fine (though a little high) but the bad news is I might be diabetic as I have quite high glucose levels ( I've just had another blood test and they will let me know next week.
  6. My sister also suffering with acne problem.. She feels very isolated due to this problem. Don't go for outing with friends... Kindly tell me any solution how she rid from this problem...
  7. This is not a big thing that you lost 30 hairs after shower.. Don't worry because every person lost a 50-100 hairs in a day... It is approved by FDA medical agency of US government...
  8. Biotin is a good medicine to reduce hair loss problem. It is recommended by almost every good doctor. It is approved by FDA medical agency of Government of Us...