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  1. My dermatologists would not do a TCA peel on me while pregnant. The aesthetician wouldn't needle me either. I try and do procedures right after the baby is born because you're cooped up in the house anyway! -cash
  2. cash


    Just wanted to report that I had my needling consultation. The woman is a permanant make-up artist, but performs a lot of needling for scars. I was actually surprised by her experience. She relayed to me, as mentioned in this thread, that she likes to do at least three needling sessions (three for $150) and that it takes at least that to yield long-term improvement. She said customers don't think they'll need subsequent sessions because of the improvement they see, but three months rolls alo
  3. cash


    Denise2- I am aware of your success with needling from the thread and it's encouraging. I was just trying to get a feel of how many people are currently still undergoing the procedure. I am very aware that various procedures vary in popularity at different times. Dermabrasion seems to be IT as of late. I just keep hoping I can put that off by doing other treatments like needling. I'm uplifted to hear that you have had a third positive treatment and will post after I go to my consult. Than
  4. cash


    Anyone had needling done recently or will share results from past experience with the procedure? I have a consultation and the info on the thread (read it a year or two ago, but was just refreshed...) seems mildly promising. Thanks, cash
  5. Drewboy- Thanks for the reply- it does sound like it was worth the pain. As for the difference between the abraded and non-abraded skin...is there a difference in texture as well as color? I assume the color will eventually fade to what it once was, but will the appearance/feel of it (if that makes sense) match the surrounding skin? Thanks, cash
  6. Drewboy- Was Dr. Y at all leary about only doing the cheeks? I've read that he's not a big fan of spot treating- maybe he did it because you stated he said your scars were easy to treat. I am assuming he went down to the jaw line in order to prevent any line of demarcation. I would be concerned about the abraded area looking noticably different from the chin/forehead area...is it still too early to tell? Thanks, cash
  7. Sparty- Ok, so I will ask for Studio Finish spf 15 concealer. I'm sorry I wasn't clear, but I was wondering how much you pay for your sunscreen and if it leaves a white cast at all? Could you tell me more about the Rimmel tinted moisturiser? How much coverage, the color, and is it more sheer or matte? I noticed a difference between the ones I've tried even though they are only tinted moisturizers... Thanks again for your make-up knowledge- cash
  8. Thanks Sparty- I've always enjoyed your posts. I'm really excited about trying the Rimmel tinted moisturizer. I have tried many and can't quite find THE one. Right now I am using SkincareMD TM with spf 15 by Dr. Gross. I do like it, but it may be a tad orange. I have already tried Stila, Hard Candy, Sonia Kashuk. Now, Rimmel is available at the drugstore, right? How much? I have also been searching for a concealer forever. I just read your pinned post on MAC, Becca, and Laura Mercier.
  9. Hey Sparty, Is your daily make-up regime posted anywhere? I'm sure you have a heap of products, but what are your daily standards? Thanks, cash
  10. I like the idea of this since it's not too heavy and has an SPF (eventhough it's only 15.) I read reviews on both Stilas and Sonia Kashuk's brand. I've been wearing Kashuk's for two days. I like it- hasn't broke me out yet, but may be a tad too yellow. I got a sample of Stila today and will try it tomorrow. Is anyone using tinted moisturiser that is GREAT and won't cause break-outs??
  11. I am having a difficult time making a choice as well. I tried Colorescience for one day and am now looking at Glominerals. Anyone have any info on either of these? www.colorescience.com www.glominerals.com
  12. Well, day 5 and just started to peel slightly around the mouth area. My face still looks bad- she truly did an unprofessional, shotty job (I did my research too- and felt comfortable with her among others.) Of course, your face looks bad after a TCA peel anyhow, but does so in an even manner. I'll have to show her the pictures and whatever my face currently looks like when she gets back from vacation. I can't see the one side of my face healing correctly with the big, white blotches everywhe
  13. Maya- It is so refreshing to read such an uplifting post. The one thing that has helped me these past years of being consumed with my face is service. I can feel when the "ME" factor is taking over and it's time to do something kind for someone else- husband, son, friend, family member, stranger. For that brief time you do forget about all your own issues and get lost in pleasing someone else. It is honestly what has helped me most- you can't help but feel a boost after doing an act of serv
  14. Stefany- Did you ever try the Oxy-mist? It sounds promising for healing as well. Do you favor the Amino-Plex because it is strictly for wound healing and is your doctor an advocate of it? I apologize for all the questions. Glad to hear you can already wear make-up, you healed so quickly. Your progress is reassuring for everyone to hear, myself included. I have a funny feeling I am going to be red for much longer then expected, but have high hopes the spray will arrive today.
  15. Maya- Thanks for the input. The TCA complex is a much lower strength, so I'm wondering if you still had redness after you peeled? My face is still the same- tight and have yet to peel- one side with a huge white streak and the other totally blotchy. I also noticed she put a good swipe of the TCA under my chin that is very dark compared to the rest of my skin. And, she got my ear lobes and tops of my ears (how can she get those parts and not the areas that needed to be treated?) Anyhow, s