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  1. I've been suffering from bacne for as long as i remember.. probably more than 10 yrs and i'm only 22.. and i'm a girl with no spots on my face *knock on wood* and a relatively fit body.. just imagine how painful it has been for me to not be able to wear halters, tank tops, tube tops, etc... that's why i feel for everyone who suffers from this nasty misfortune.. i know how much it could lower your self-esteem and leave u feel completely unattractive even though everything about u might be *hot* E
  2. I'm going on vacation with in a few months and i need to have a clear-looking back... I'm wondering if I should go to a tanning salon because I heard that tanning does help cover red marks.. but the thing is.. i don't have red marks left from acne.. i have BROWN SPOTS on my back.. even though i haven't had active acne for a while.. the brown spots seem to be fading VERY slowly.. it's really frustrating because i can't wear any backless tops... so does anyone have the same problem as me and tried
  3. o no i found a couple breakouts on my back today (small) and im panicking.. i was doing so well.. i hope these r gonna be the last breakouts.. but they never seem to stop coming gosh... im in a strange mood now. today, when me and bf were getting intimate, he said he wanted me to lie on tummy.. i normally would say no.. bc i didnt want him to see my back and i would just make an excuse saying how my hip hurts when im on my stomach? (i know its silly.) however, i flipped around for him today (it
  4. i wouldnt recommend prescriptives 'Magic" products for acne skin.. i have acne on my back but ive got a clear face and ive been using magic for a long time.. both the powder and the liquid are really thin, almost translucent and i dont think its good for covering anything. it makes ur skin glow and look even healthier tho, if u have clear skin.. thats why ive been using it. but when i get an occasional pimple on my face, i dont use my prescriptives, i switch to Laura Mercier powder foundation..
  5. does anybody here know which is the best body makeup that doesnt smudge or run off easily even in water??? i dont wanna let my bacne problems ruin my summer anymore.. i wanna be able to wear more variety of clothing and go swimming.. !!! i was planning to order colortration online but i heard dermablend is pretty good too. im currently using CoverFX.. its not bad.. but it does smudge after a while and its gross! i want something that will stay set and look natural on skin. can anybody please he
  6. have you heard of a makeup called colortration before? how does it compare to dermablend?? im plannin to order one of them online but i donno which one is better. i heard both dont run off in water, right?
  7. twice.. i know once is enough..im new and i thot i could delete threads but apparently i cant.. i think my story fits better under the emotional & psychological effects
  8. dont worry.. if ur cyst popped by itself.. it shouldnt scar... just put ice on it to calm the swelling down..
  9. to JANERO: i also feel that i always stand out in my group of frds bc of the many layers that i have to wear even in the summer!!! .. i would try to cover up my "weirdness" by telling ppl that im afraid to tan cuz i love having fair skin, but in reality, i really, really envy grls who have a nice glow from tanning and exposing their skin in the summer! if i didnt have this back problem, id probably be one of those grls who ALWAYS hang out at the beach during hot summer days. bc of it, i have to
  10. ive been using silicone sheets.. i find that usually the scar appears to be smoother after each time i remove the sheet.. but after a couple of hrs, the keloid raises back up again.. it looks like a pimple all the time.. except that it never goes away.. so im very frustrated about it... does anyone know a permanent way to get rid of it completely??? im very desperate to know and one more question.. has anyone experienced keloids/hypertrophic scars from tattoos before?? is it possible?? cuz i
  11. i hav a keloid on my shoulder and im just wondering which the best way is to get rid of it completely.. its not that big.. around 4mm in diameter.. but it bothers me and i wanna do something about it.. is there any method that u guys know of that can make keloids go away without a scar left behind???
  12. i have bacne scars too and i wanna try tanning.. but i always wonder... if tanning makes ur skin darker, then would it makes ur scar appear even darker too???