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  1. I am interested in doing the tca cross scar treatment at home. I haven't found much information about it online. I was wondering if anyone knows how exactly to do tca cross? Any links or videos would really help me and anybody else interested in doing tca cross at home. Are some scars too big to do tca cross on? What size are scars supposed to be to do tca cross on?
  2. I had acne starting in second grade. My aunt loved picking at my skin. It really stuck with me and I continued doing it myself from then on. I was put on accutane when I was in 8th grade and it cleared up my skin in about a year. Permanent damage was done to my skin. I was left with pretty bad scarring on both my cheeks. I spent $1600 on fraxel laser treatment. It only slightly improved the appearance. I don't think that establishment had my best interests at heart. I was wondering if anyon