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  1. I've known this gorgeous Australian red head for about one and a half years now, she had to go back to Australia quite early on, but we've kept in touch ever since, and there's always been a spark between us. She's just arrived back here (the UK) last week, and we are in so much love. She is stopping here for another 18 months, and then we're flying back to Australia together. Anyway my point is, no matter even if *you* think you're ugly because of scars, others don't and won't see you that w
  2. MrJ

    Mr J

    No scar pics yet, but will get some
  3. Life, unless the Grim Reaper has his own dermatology lab. Seriously, life. Why give yourself no chance of healing your scars?
  4. Wow, I feel for you Forsaken. If I were me a few years back, I would've probably have said the same thing. I so wanted to end my life so much, I felt like I was trapped in my own skin. I got so close to attempting something, and nobody seemed to care or understand what I was going through. However - If you die, you've basically given yourself no chance of ever healing your scars. While you are alive, living and breathing, you *can* do something about it. It may take time, but think about it th
  5. Not sure. I don't mind having a few, it's more the enlarged pores and the almost flat boxcars that bug me really. Being a guy I can live with a few scars I guess. (I actually kinda like the rough look, it's just the "storm force" rough look that sucks ) "Looks" aside for a moment, I think a good thing about having the scars is that it's made me more sympathetic to people with even worst disfigurements and other problems. It's definitely made me into a more caring person I feel.
  6. It would be fantastic if it was somebody off the board who did this I must admit. I'm going to see a dermatologist in a few weeks time anyway so I'll ask about it then.
  7. Ooh - was just thinking about getting this done actually. And you say Maya is getting training? Sweet! And on my doorstep as well living in Birmingham. I'd love to hear more if that's the case. Elsewhere though, I'm not sure how I would approach it. Do you just walk into a tattoo palour and ask them to give you a needling with no ink? Won't they think you a bit barmy?
  8. Do they naturally get smoother, do they gradually (but not totally) fade away? I've seen old men with what look like acne scars, yet I've heard they fade away as you age. I'm curious...
  9. Sounds like my own problem. Have you tried mesuring the "scars"? Mine are tiny, about 1-2mm at most, bar the odd one. They're really shallow as well, so I just don't know *what* kind of scar they are.
  10. I've "sort of" been putting life on hold. For about... wow... since '97, when I finished school. Since then I've been to college and just started a new job, but when it comes to anything like relationships I'm so damn depressed about how I look I feel like I'm unlovable and worthless. I know that isn't true, but I can't think any other way when I see my scars. I'll always remember seeing that girl in town the once though, she had much worst scars than me, but holy moly she was good looking. Of c
  11. ^ Don't forget actresses can pile on the make up more so than the guys can. Cameron Diaz is a favourite actress of mine simply because she's so open about how bad her skin is. You'll likely not see it though because of make up etc. Even Christina Aguilera & Britney get some bad zits by the looks of it. I don't wish to sound like I'm putting them down, in fact all I'm doing is making them more human if anything. I really respect actors like Lawrance Fishburne & Bill Murray because they'v
  12. Yep Might look a bit strange if you turn to the side in every conversation with someone though :wink:
  13. Just another thought. We all see ourselves head on, meaning any scars we have on our cheeks we see all squashed up by perspective. Anybody to the left or right of us would probably see them much more spread out and not so "obvious". Does that make any sense?