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  1. So. About four years ago( give or take) I started my regimen journey. I was not a happy camper at the time. During my senior year of high school my face was the worst it has ever been in my entire life. See { http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/gallery/album/7162-leap-of-faithupdated-frequently-of-me-on-the-regimen/ } for the horrible proof! I had acne breakouts that seemed to be continuous..with no breaks lol. Being a self conscious teen I was desperate and tried the regimen. I h
  2. its been almost two weeks and i havent broke out. plus my skin actually feels like skin and not leather. i really appreciate my oily skin now lol. even tho i got a couple new pimples they were all little except for one. and some parts of my face tht were breaking out b4 have stopped completely.
  3. I know how hard it is when you are desperate. When your face is covered in zits and you have to go to school or out in public it can ruin your whole day. i have spent school days looking at my shoes all day afraid to look people in the eye. Even going as far as avoiding my friends. Acne can change your whole personality an outlook. You can go from an outgoing person, to a loner. People that have never got it at all don't understand how hard it is. When you just want your zits to go away you wil
  4. i was using Dan's moisturizer the whole time and my skin still felt like leather.
  5. I thought about it all day and i think im going to quit for a while. it just doesn't seem natural to be drying my skin out like this every single day. i am so glad that people have had success with it but i don't think its the only way. peroxide has been shown in research to damage skin cells and keep them from functioning properly. i am about to start using neutrogena acne-stress products again. THe TWO MAIN REASONS i am quitting is that my face didn't get really bad until i got sick last month
  6. aww thanx but dnt talk bad about ur self. im sure ur not ugly in the slightest -Yes I know what your going through. I'm particularly in the same situation as you and I started the regimen recently (oct.10). I know about the dry, uncomfortable patches that are in certain parts of your face that feel like sandpaper to the touch. I also broke out a little bit, maybe due to the dryness. -What you should do is keep doing the same old routine since you started the regimen. Cleanse,Bp and Moist
  7. i am so proud of myself for actually going 2 school without makeup for the first time since like 8th grade. ever since i have been on the regimen i have just been too dry. the makeup covers redness but looks cakey n flakey. so i have just been suckin it up and changed from my social self to a loner lol. i keep telling myself as soon as my face clears up i will be a social butterfly again. but is it normal to still be too dry for makeup 2 days after the 2 week mark?how much longer to some of the
  8. you should clean it with soap and water very gently and put neosporin on it then a band aid. leave it on and keep it moist until it heals. thats the only way to keep it from scaring.
  9. if i just stick with dan's moisturizer will it get better eventually? i really like the moisturizer especially its texture
  10. OVERVIEW: so i have been on dkr for like 13 days now.i have to say i have seen alot of improvement. when i started, i was getting at least one inflamed pimple a day but after some nasty ones surfaced last week(including on next to my lip..yea i know lovely) i haven' got any new pimples that i can see since last Wednesday so...5 days ago. i still have ALOT of red spots though so my face still looks like crap. WHATS BOTHERING ME is that my face is so dry. i have really oily skin so you can't ac
  11. i understand where you are coming from but..come on . if they were really your friends they wouldn't care about your acne. i think you care way too much about what others think. you shouldn't look to other people to boost your confidence all your life. u dnt need people to tell u ur good looking if you really believe it. it seems like you need other peoples approval to feel good about yourself. the only persons approval you need to know to feel good about yourself is your own..
  12. so i got my kit and used it for the first time 2nite and i was really happy!! but i have a question about the outside of the lotion bottle. why is the designs and stuff different from the pictures on the site? is this a new design they are using or what? its different from the other two. i mean i can still tell its dan's lotion the bottles blue but the design is just different might be a dumb question but just curious lol.
  13. umm i use purpose liquid cleanser and complex 15 moisturizer. its not really bad i just didnt know if it was weird that it was radiating heat. it doesnt hurt and doesnt itch. am sing a really small amount of the neutrogena on the spot. i really hope my kit comes soon. thanx for the reply
  14. lol its not as bad as it sounds. my cheek looks flushed not like irritated red, and it warm to the touch. has anyone else experienced this? it my 5th day on the regimen and i say its helping. i have to use this stupid neutrogena on the spot so i cnt wear makeup(the bp flakes of) i ordered dan's stuff last tuesday so i hope it comes 2morrow or tuesday. so yea plz tell me wat u think thanx
  15. hi everyone. well i know that i don't have cystic acne but i am kinda confused on what is considered moderate and mild. since what kind you have determines how long until you start seeing results on the regimen so i would like to know. i get inflamed white heads sometimes that can hurt pretty bad. i guess i get pustules but they are rarely as big as the one shown in the "what is acne" section of this site.thanx for the help here is some pics http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k139/juz...icaspic