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  1. Alright, thank you! I will look into that. So they will fade in time but just a lot longer? My three years isn't enough? ):
  2. I went to my derm. a few weeks ago and basically all of my acne is gone, I'm just faced with a heap load of marks and a general uneven skin tone. I asked her "How come the people who had really bad acne in 8th grade have completely clear faces now, and yet I'm almost in 12th grade and my face looks atrocious?" She said because the acne I had damaged the second layer of skin. I'm not sure if it was just the way she worded it, but she made it sound like the only way to get rid of the marks was thr
  3. So I'm not the only one! Haha I thought it was just me. I don't know what to tell you. I use Everyday Minerals and it does the same thing.
  4. I used the toner last summer, but stopped in the winter because it dried my skin out too much (I think...) Will this be okay to use if you have sensitive skin? My derm. says I don't have rosacea, so the redness must just be from sensitivity (my friend gave me a back massage and within 5 minutes my back was RED). I remember when I did use it that it would turn my face red and did sting a little, but nothing unbearable.
  5. I want to start taking zinc and vitamin C supplements but I'm very confused on how many mg's I should take. Every response I read of someone recommending a dosage amount, it's always different. How do I know how much I should take? Thank you!
  6. Well why not?! Haha I think you should go.

    Glad to be of assistance:D

    1. Haha I looove the beach. We go to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a week every summer, but this year we're also going to Myrtle Beach right after. I hate it there haha.

      Oh well, still a beach nonetheless.

      I'm sorry to hear about that ):

      Get some Motrin! My favorite is the bubblegum flavored:D

      1. Nothing too much. Heading off to the beach tomorrow! Yessss:D

        Haha how about yourself?

        1. That's a good idea. I'm going to hate it though and cringe at every photo, though:/ I was already on Differin, Solodyn, and Aczone but she told me to lay off the Differin for right now. But I also just got prescribed birth control pills (Yaz.) and just started using the ACV toner. I want to go out and find a Retinoid, probably the one by Philosophy, and see if that'll help. Thank you!
        2. I'm not taking pictures, so I guess you could say I'm going by my gut feeling. Or just perhaps basing my face off of my flawless complexion friends. Either way, I've had these marks for a while now and I'm getting frustrated. The last time I went to the derm. (which was about a month ago) she said to come back in 3 months. Since this is a new issue should I come back before that or just wait until then?
        3. I've heard about the baking soda thing and read that thread about it but I'm a bit nervous to actually try it, what with the whole pH thing. Yeah, I've been using Dan's AHA+ for probably 2 months now and it doesn't seem to be a significant help /:
        4. you're referring to aloe vera, right? when will i be ready to add in glycolic acid? i'll take a look at that article now, thank you!
        5. My mother and I are in a big big argument. I'm 16 and just got my first job. I basically get $70-80 a week (give or take), but am also going to Europe next year and am forced to save for that, so I really only get to see half my paycheck. I need my prescription meds filled, and my mother promised in December I would get a SilkPeel (microdermabrasion, if unknown) in the near year. ...it's July. The SilkPeel is about $100 per treatment, and I need six. I have no idea how much the prescription med
        6. hmm, alright. i'll give that a shot! thank you(:
        7. I was on the regimen last summer and had successful results. I overtime weened myself off using the BP all together and my acne stayed at bay for a while. I still break out a little more then I used to when I was on the regimen, but not nearly as much. Now I'm just left with a few scars, a ton of red marks, and an uneven skin tone. Looking back at pictures from last summer...my skin looked pretty great. Granted I still wore foundation/concealer but now even with makeup you can still tell. SO
        8. catrat242


          me haha
        9. i want to try this but i dont think i can. milk is literally the only thing i drink, pretty much. its my favorite drink): im being punished for being healthy ahaha
        10. So I was pretty successful with using the regimen last summer and into the fall. I had stopped though because I was getting sick of the dryness, the BP taking so long to absorb, and was just generally getting annoyed with such a high maintenance skin care routine. And I was about 90% clear at the time, give or take a few red marks/scars. I happily showed off my clear skin to my derm., and she gave me her congrats, and said to come by again if I'm having trouble again. I completely stopped the r
        11. I went to the derm. yesterday. Long story short,I had told her that I started using Dan's regimen and she said that it was fine, but to use the Differin I had been using before as a spot treatment. What? Is that a wise idea, to mix BP and Differin together? I know she's a doctor and all but really, is that okay? I didn't think to ask her because I was so happy since she told me that she thinks I shouldn't regularly come visit her, since my face looked fine
        12. I only apply it at night, and thats enough to keep my acne at bay (:
        13. I agree, and was the exact same way. I thought I was a pretty good-looking chick until 8th grade when this acne struck. I didn't speak up anymore, didn't go out on Friday nights, the whole shebang. But I do think there were some positive aspects of having experiencing it. I would be EXTREMELY cocky if I hadn't have gotten a moderate case of acne, seeing as I already have pride issues I'm also a lot more healthier, and I've even decided that I'd like to be a dermatologist when I grow up (i'm 15
        14. I agree. It's especially awkward when your friends and/or family are in the room watching it as well.