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  1. I'm currently having problems with a batch of Dan's bp gel that I received. Until this is sorted, I don't have any bp that I can use. Is there anyone in the UK that has a spare tube of bp that they would be willing to sell (maybe via ebay?) for an agreed price?!
  2. Simple Rich and Replenishing Moisturiser!!! I have been using it for 4 years, it's perfect for the regimen. Absorbs well, doesn't clump with the bp, and doesn't leave your face looking shiny. You can buy it in all UK supermarkets, superdrug, boots etc. http://www.boots.com/en/Simple-Replenishin...ser-125ml_8366/
  3. Hi all, I have been a user of Dan's regimen for nearly 4 years now. In that time I have been completely clear 90% of the time. I have a lot of respect for Dan and the others at acne.org for creating such a successful business whilst at the same time helping other people overcome acne. However, over the past year I have began to doubt the consitency of the acne.org bp gel. Back in September 2009 there was a thread about batch 9152 that caused extreme redness (akin to a chemical burn) in long
  4. I thought I'd update you all on my progress with batch 9152. It is still much thicker than previous batches of Dan's BP, burns when I apply it, and makes my skin very red and dry. I have had PMs from Dan claiming that batch 9152 is the same as previous batches. However, this clearly isn't the case. We need to continue to push to find out why this batch is different. Either Dan has changed the ingredients in the BP, or this batch is a higher concentration than 2.5%. Why has this batch not b
  5. I have exactly the same experience with this batch of BP (batch number 9152, expiry 06/11). Redness, burning, dryness, and the BP smells different. I have had a reply from customer support saying that it is because it is "super fresh". But I'm sure it is stronger than 2.5%. Has anyone else had the same experience with this batch? I've been using Dan's BP for 2 years now, and there is definitely something wrong with this batch.
  6. Every time I read posts on Acne.org, I see so much non-sense: "Could also not be tested for heavy metals, PCB's etc. People have posted before about this, and IMO, the reason it breaks them out is because of contaminants or rancidity" - WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK TO A SCIENTIFIC STUDY THAT IS EVIDENCE OF HEAVY METALS AND PCBS CAUSING/AGGREVATING ACNE. "I started taking 1000mg a day of cod liver oil with my breakfast Saturday, and if anything my acne has got a lot worse!
  7. I suggest that you tell them how much your acne is bothering you. Then tell them that benzoyl peroxide has been used to treat acne for years, so this isn't some dodgy fake website. The products on here are really cheap too. Ask them to read the website in more detail, and have a look at how many people have had success with it. Hopefully they realise how good this site is. Keep pestering them about it lol, they'll soon give in! Good luck!
  8. It should work great for you, if you follow it exactly. I have sensitive skin too, so I only use a small amount of Dan's BP gel. I'm pretty much acne free, except for one or two spots. I used to have moderate acne. You can expect to see results after 3-4 weeks. It may take about 3 months for your skin to be acne free though. But remember you have to stick with it, even if you don't see any results for 3 months. If you do the regimen every day, it's almost guaranteed to work! Go for it! I'm glad
  9. For those of you that have sensitive skin and find the standard 2.5% bp gel too drying and irritating, perhaps you would have success with a less concentrated bp gel. Does anyone know if, for example a 1.5% bp gel, would be sufficient to kill the acne bacteria?? Maybe dan could produce a few samples, and bp-sensitive people with acne could trial it for a few months, and report how well it works to Dan?
  10. I have been thinking recently about whether a combined moisturiser and 2.5% bp cream/ gel could be made. This would mean that only one application would be needed in the morning, and one at night, reducing the time taken for the DKR. Does anyone know if Dan has looked into this as a possible product? When you apply moisturiser after you have applied bp, they tend to mix together anyway, before being re-absorbed. So, surely a combined benzoyl peroxide and moisturiser product would work...? Dan ha
  11. I always use an anti-bacterial hand wash, the gel/ liquid stuff. It's more hygenic than a normal soap bar
  12. STOP USING PANOXYL. All of their products are so drying and harsh on your skin. Not recommended lol. Yet is appears to be the leading brand in the UK. Very odd. Anyways... as for UK bp products, there arnt many. I would recommend ordering some Clear Skin Regimen Gel from this site, it only takes 2 weeks to get to u (if you're in the UK like me). And it works great too BUT STOP USING PANOXYL lol . As for a face wash, change to a non-medicated plain one. Better for your skin. And try using LOAD
  13. IMPORTANT - I have been reading a few posts on the message boards, and there appears to be a rumour going round that bp has been banned in Europe. Apparently there are numerous websites stating this. I think they are just trying to convince you to stop using bp, and try their alternative products. There is no truth in this rumour, incase a few of you heard and were put off using bp
  14. IMPORTANT - 'stawberries' saying that bp has been banned in Europe is NOT true. There are a few sites out there that are saying bp is banned in Europe. These sites are saying this to convince you to stop using bp, and buy their alternative products instead.
  15. As Laura says, I would definately recommend the 'Simple replenishing rich moisturiser', as it says on the bottle. Its available in most UK supermarkets, definately Asda and Tesco anyway.... doesnt feel greasy or make your face shiny either, ive been using it for 3 months now. Just as good as the Eucerin product, but a hell of alot cheaper.. Oh btw, if any UK people want a good face wash, 'Simple moisturising foaming facial wash' is great, and cheap!