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  1. Over one year ago i hab a big pimple on the left side of my chin. It never completely healed and left a hardened spot. I think there is still sebum under the skin. Is this a scar? What can i do to remove it?
  2. So, does Elidel cream help to reduce hypertrophic scars?
  3. I had a TCA Peeling last year because of my rolling scars. My rolling scars got better but now i have many hypertrophic scars that are brighter than the surrounding skin. What can i do? Does Silicone gel help?
  4. My face is always red on my cheeks since i went on accutane (i do not mean red marks). What can i do? Does a moisturizer with aloe vera help?
  5. To all accutane users: When did your blackheads disappear? I am in my 5th week on accutane and all the blackheads are still here...
  6. Anything new or updates from the people who are using the peel?
  7. Sounds good. I just ordered one I hope ist will help
  8. I have mine since July 2003 and they are still there.But in the last month they have changed from red to pink/blue.
  9. Same with me. When i look in the mirror in the bathroom it looks like i have never had acne in my life. But when i look in the mirror in the living room i look terrible with small scars all over my cheeks.
  10. Are your scars deeper than 1 mm at the moment? It is hard to tell from the photos alone...
  11. My scars look exactly like yours. This strange redness/blueness really bothers me. I have this condition over 10 month now.
  12. I am 100 % sure that Accutane was the reason of my scras...