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    I have a certificate in plant-based nutrition through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. I am very interested in nutrition and am a big believer in a mostly plant-based diet. I look forward to increasing my knowledge further as time goes by! :)

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  1. It's frustrating to try different things and not get results--I remember! Salicylic acid is great stuff! With diet, it sounds like you're doing great by just gradually switching over to healthier items, like adding in the whole grains. Leafy greens are the most important skin food to get in. Even if you don't change your diet much, if you can just add in one green smoothie a day (link in my signature below explains), you might start to notice changes, because this will add major nutritio
  2. That is a remarkable difference! You are so sweet to share these. I am really glad this product is helping you so much! I think it's a really well formulated product, and the niacinamide in it is a key factor I think. I just read your post above this one. Have you tried much in the way of diet? It's such a huge factor! You might check out my signature for some of the basics in skincare and diet for treating acne. I hope you continue to improve!
  3. This is an old thread, but it's the only one I found on Vitamin E. I wanted to add something about taking vitamin E internally. I learned today from my very smart chiropractor that food based vitamin E, like Cataplex E by Standard Process, can clear up acne if it's "hormone" based...wanted to throw this out there.
  4. firenature, I love that you're enjoying your smoothies so much!! That's awesome!! I have heard that the longer you blend them (exposing the nutrients to air), the more nutrients they lose, and they do lose some nutrition while stored. However, when I first started out, I made mine every other day and would store a day's worth in the fridge. I still got great results doing it this way, so I'm guessing the majority of nutrients are still retained a day later. If this method works best for yo
  5. The cultural arts are so important! Art and music develop so many much needed skills and are a great stress reliever, which of course promotes overall health. The movie, "Music of the Heart," has helped bring awareness to this, but I wish more was being done. Alternativista, what a great project you are working on, and they sure are lucky to have your help. Have you heard of Urban Acres in Dallas, Texas? www.urbanacresmarket.com. They have recently created their own farmstead right in
  6. Zavvi, Sorry for this very late reply! I mostly do blending rather than juicing (though I should do more juicing!). I haven't seen any scars just disappear on myself but in regards to the video, I have heard stories of people who have had scars disappear after changing their diets. I think there is a lot to the alkalinity argument.
  7. Well, I think we should do our best to take care of ourselves but try to not stress too much over what we can't control, and there's a lot we can't control unfortunately! Ha! The human body is a mystery, and sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to find solutions. You are trying really hard right now. In the meantime, feel good about who you are and maybe you not looking perfect makes those around you feel more comfortable? That's never a bad thing. We all have pride and want to loo
  8. LuckyDory, What an inspirational testimony! I'm so happy you are making such fast and wonderful improvements not only in your skin but in your overall health! Thank you so much for sharing this and best wishes on your new journey of health!
  9. Zavvi, There have been some who have said green smoothies have helped fade old acne scars, and because juice would have an even higher concentration of nutrients, it could certainly help as well. I would consider topicals as well. You might look into retinols, BHAs and Vitamin C to help. And be sure to wear sunscreen as well--I prefer tinted mineral sunscreens. Paula Begoun has a scar-reducing serum out now that you might also want to check out. Here's an article on reducing red mar
  10. Alex, Great points and thank you for addressing these for others to see. For many, the smoothies alone will greatly help without needing to be so strict about them, but you are right in that a low-glycemic smoothie is often a better choice, and your smoothie sounds like a very safe choice. The first post goes into more detail about low-glycemic foods as well as specific food allergies/aggravations, and other issues that some many run into and will need to dig a little deeper to find what work
  11. Mudfootball, The family outings can be hard, and I'm sorry this has been an issue for you. If they happen all the time, you may consider bringing your own healthy snacks and desserts to share with the family so you can mostly eat what you bring but can still eat a little of theirs as well. Sometimes I'll eat before I got to a function and then just "graze" a little on the foods. Unfortunately, when many people begin to eat more healthfully, family conflict is an unavoidable result, but eventu
  12. ^ Great advice Tim! I do believe diet has an effect on all things health related though--what we eat is so important, and diet trumps genetic tendencies. There are definitely other factors though like environmental toxins we are all exposed to. Detox is also vital. A far infrared sauna is one of the only ways to eliminate many of the toxins we get exposed to in our lovely toxic world of today. Haha Many gyms now have these set up for use--I definitely recommend people using one if they have
  13. It's great that you're looking to diet as a way to improve your acne. As for time, it really depends on you. Some people experience improvements in just a couple weeks but some people don't see changes until a few months down the road. Your body didn't get this way overnight, so it can take a while to reverse the cause. Definitely avoid dairy and sugar. Check out my green smoothie thread. It gives ideas for incorporating greens (the #1 skin food) and other skin tips as well. Hang in t
  14. Hey Mudfootball! Good to hear from you! It's definitely hard when there is a lot of good food around! It can help to drink a smoothie before a celebration and you might then find you'll want a smaller quantity of the bad stuff. You mentioned some anxiety a while back, and I should have thought to tell you about transdermal magnesium oil. It's one of the best ways to absorb magnesium, and a lot of people with anxiety are low in magnesium. You might also look into EFT (Emotional Freedom