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    academia, art, black&white movies, cooking, fashion, iTunes, lipgloss, music, perfume, psychology, reading, roadtrips.
  1. Maybelline Pure Concealer with salicylic acid (looks like eyeliner or something. not my main concealer but i keep it in my purse for touchups or random new spots that pop up when i'm out & about) & BareEscentuals/BareMinerals (what is the real name?) foundation powder. i doubt i'll ever switch to another powder. i love this one.
  2. i have it. i actually did a lot of self-medicating with alcohol for a few years. plus some xanax abuse. the xanax just made everything so much easier to face. it also made me like a zombie. however. a good antidepressant can help. lexapro has made a world of difference in me. (i'm also on lamictal though. bipolar II). counseling has helped some....really its helped me more with depression though.
  3. Age: 22 Sex: female School/College: state school in louisiana (1 year left! woo!) Acne status: these days only the occasional hormone-related breakout Favorite thing about yourself: my passion for reading, learning and knowledge What would you change about yourself (other than acne): confidence level, accepting that psyc. meds do NOT mean i'm weak in any way. that some things are truly chemical. Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dirty Dancing, When Harry Met Sally, Eternal
  4. sarahmarie

    Yeah I'm a camera-whore

    just pictures of me :)