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  1. So then what? You just let them stay there?
  2. Okay well I'm going to the dermatologist again next week and I'm going to see if I can get it injected again. It'll be about three weeks next week that the cyst is still there. I've been applying Retin-A on it and it looks like the very center of the cyst is slowly going away. The cyst is still very noticeable though.
  3. Hmm I heard weird things happen if you get too many injections. Possibly getting huge craters on your face! Before I left the derm he mentioned about possibly doing a small incision on the cyst if it doesn't go away. He said that they won't really have to go deep into the skin and it'll just leave a small scar. Has anyone had this procedure done? My cyst is a little smaller than the width of a pea and the thickness of a dime. It's been about a week already and the cyst still looks the s
  4. So how long will it take to completely disappear? It's been about 3-4 days and it's still the same size and red. If I look really closely it kind of looks like the very center of it it's somewhat caving in but that could just be wishful thinking. It still looks red and noticeable though.
  5. How long does it usually take for a cyst to go away after receiving a cortisone shot? It's been about two days and it still looks like the same size and it's still red! Yeah it's right on my face too. My doctor gave me samples of RETINA to apply at night. I read some stuff on this board that it might not be safe either? Also, will going into the beach water or pool do something worse to it?