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  1. Hey Erin, im 27 M on 80 mg as well,,,,im on zenatane, but I was on absorica. Not drinking on it is serious....I actually started the Accutane treatment like 10 years ago but I was a full blown alcoholic partying all the time and I couldn't make it pass the first month. Now I don't drink at all and Ive been blessed to have my insurance cover this whole treatment or I wouldn't have had the second chance to take it. Im on day 45 right now. Hope all goes well for you and yes avoid alcohol to the be
  2. hi, im casey. like your log so far...simple but descriptive and my side effects seem to match yours especially your day 20 update...i am on day 18. i am on absorica/40mg day input - not much; we both have just begun the journey. stay hydrated, moisturized, and out of the sun, wind, pretty much all weather LOL... i haven't exercised since i started treatment but i do plan to get back in the gym soon for light exercise and some stretching. hopefully that will help my energy level and so
  3. wow....sorry about the expensive payments....i pray that you will be able to meet all your needs and still finish the course....it sux you have to pay for clear skin, when most people don't think twice about it. i've been fortunate with not having to pay anything out of pocket yet.... what did you notice different in side effects when you change dosage to twice a day ? i hope it all works out for you and that claravis is no worse but even better for you
  4. Day 18 I have been getting pimples around my nose and chin areas but they do come to a white head quick and dry out. I do have one that started coming up yesterday as you can see in the pic right under my nose above my lip....im sure everyone knows that those zits in the corner of the nose hurt. i hate those ones on the lip too that make you look like you got punched in the mouth because they swell up so much...it is not too bad though and im trusting that it will dry out and disappear quick
  5. hey man im on absorica 40mg, day 18, haven't had no unbearable ib's but just some pimples that also come to a white head quickly on my chin and around my nose...i have one right now that came up yesterday right below nose on upper lip...it is drying out though and not seeming to grow noticeable which is good. i use cetaphil moisturizing cream which is alot thicker than a lotion and i guess is slightly greasy but i use it at night where no one will notice shiny skin....i use Eucerin daily fa
  6. hi acne*30 im casey, just started my treatment im on day 15 absorica,,,as a cystic acne sufferer for over 10 years now i would not give up on accutane for the life of me if i were you...pray and hope you can continue and finish the treatment......i know for me it is a dream beginning to come true and am looking forward to the end of the treatment and clear skin from here out......i don't break out really too much on the front of my face anymore....i used to look like a pepperoni pizza but i have
  7. cetaphil moisturizing cream, eucerin moisturizing lotion spf 30, use your moisturizers as often as you need to and cake it on good when fresh out the shower while your skin is moist.
  8. i needed to post some pics to compare my results with...ill probably take pics every 30 days unless i need to more frequent. my face actually doesn't break out so much anymore...when i was 16-18 i looked like an extra pepperoni pizza, but now my breakouts are mostly chest, back, and behind head. i get pimples on my face but not anything like before. i have mostly scars along my jawline left that bother my appearance, but acne does seem to get better with time but will never fully go away that is
  9. so sunday night my allergies got so bad i had to go to dr....i thought the accutane was adding to the severity of my symptoms but nope. All is good now, i got some eye drops and zyrtec and my allergies are under control. I am still on the accutane, day 14 and i feel much better. Not as sore, not as tired, and im drying out well. I constantly apply the cetaphil moisture cream and interchange between aquaphor and carmex on my lips. No crazy IB but i can tell the tane is doing its job. A few white
  10. So I am starting my accutane log today..I am a 27 yr. old male...my acne was far worse from 16 yrs old- 20. I have severe cystic acne, which is not out of control anymore on my face, but i still get it on my back, chest, and behind head. I am on day 11 of absorica/40 mg. I can tell it is starting to work on my skin already, but i do not like the side effects. Already i am sore in the ribs area as if i had been doing abdomen exercises like sit ups. I am more tired than usual and my eyes are far d
  11. Ok not sure how to use this site, but I want to communicate with other accutane users. I am on day 11 of 40mg Absorica....have had some side effects already, body soreness...dryer eyes than usual and allergies combined yesterday had me feeling horrible this morning.....feel better now...was kind of paranoid in the morning when my eyes were crusty and killer headache,,,when and got some eye wash and claritin for the allergies...day 7 my face was real red and puffy but that has gone down...general