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  1. I just wanted to post this here as accurate success story. 

    I an all finished with accurate and I can tell you that it has been extremely hard.
    Especially with side effects. I am a person who already suffered quite significantly with mental health issues and so tackling accutane has been really tough for me.

    In terms of my skin though, I'm really happy with the progression that my skin has made and how much better much skin and acne looks now.
    see photos of before and after below.

    my skin isn't perfect and I do still have some red marks but that's nothing compared to the cysts I used to get.

    I'm happy to answer anyone's questions that they might have about accutane or acne in general and my experience with it. 

    Keep battling through guys.






  2. yeah i know dry skin can usually occur when taking accutane, that sounds good man, good luck with it and i hope you see positive results!
  3. @Matt9719 Yeah man it sucks, I've been struggling for a long time too, yeah I've used tea tree oil before both a cleanser and it straight, help me moderately but really dried my skin out so I didn't like using it. I think accutane might be the way for me but I'll have to see.
  4. @Garrettryan Thank you for replying! Yeah I see what you mean about relative to each person, I've tried the conventional treatments such as antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, 3 step acne treatments, as many cleansers you can think of, and I've tried retinoid creams. The only reason I asked is because my derm has said accutane is going to probably be the next step but I'm hesitant on whether to follow it through due to side effects, however I am desperate to clear up my skin.