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  1. Hello there, I am looking to purchase some emu oil... my skin is dry and flaky.. but if I use anything cream based, it gets "stuck" to my dead skin and I have to rub it off after a shower.. causing irritation and redness. Where did you buy your emu oil, how moisturizing is it, how does it smell, and do you recommend I should order from the place you ordered? Thanks, youtube
  2. Humans have had sun exposure since the dawn of time... In the past 30 years more people have been developing skin cancer than any time in the past. I believe that increased sun exposure, bad diet, bad health overall may all be contributing to it... It the past 30 years derms and health officials have all been pushing sunscreen and encouraging its use. While these sunscreens do block UVB rays, most do not block UVA rays. UVB rays are what make your body product vitamin D. I believe that, while
  3. This forum really helped me out with rosacea info. http://forum.rosaceagroup.org/
  4. I am looking to buy the hand held red/blue light acnelamp. It is cheaper and I was looking for something portable. Anyone use this or used it? http://www.acnelamp.com/product.php?id=1101
  5. Hello there, I got off accutane in late may and started to get acne back around late September (bout 4 months post). Although my skin is ALOT less oily, my acne came back. I find this really weird because I always thought my oil was why I got alot of my acne.. Has this happend to others as well?
  6. Hello there, I have been off accutane for about 5 months now and my acne started to come back around a month ago. About 90% of it is on my right side of my face, and the other is on my left. On my right I have alot of red bumps but they don't all become white heads.. which is very annoying. What is the cause of them if they don't become white?
  7. There have been reports that increased bleeding can occur if overused (normally over 3 grams per day) by a patient who is also taking aspirin or coumadin (warfarin). Just something I would like to point out, for safety, if it hasn't already. Since it also lowers the immune responce, if you get a large cut or are going to "go under the knife" it would probably not be suggested to take such large amounts since it will effect the healing process
  8. It appears on my cheek, below the nose line if you drew it towards your neck. Its in the only place I get it mainly.. alot of times i get tiny white heads or bumps on the hair on my cheek there (Yes i shave). If it was just shaving than I would expect it would occur in other areas, but this just reppears in that area
  9. Hey there... This same pimple keeps coming up... it forms a huge white head and usually i pop it pretty earlier.. but it always seems to come back...
  10. Hey thanks for the suggestions and thoughts.. alot of people are blaming the milk.. Perhaps I overstated, I did drink bout 2 glasses a day for a little, but not excessive amounts.. I meant to make it mainly about the correlation between lifting(testosterone) and acne. One of the things with milk is the amount of hormones, but you produce more testosterone and hormones when you work out, isn't it very similar?
  11. Hello there, I have just started to lift weights the past 2 weeks, and all of a sudden I am starting to break out more. I don't do much cardio but simply weight lifting. I was wondering if the increase production of testosterone because of weight lifting is causing my increase of acne? I also drank alot more milk during that time but I think I am going to cut that... I wanted to buy soy milk but I read somewhere that it also wasn't good for acne? Any suggestions/comme
  12. Well something I thought about here.. nonwestern nations tend to have people who are darker skin than most caucasians in western nations (yes, not all people in western nations are caucasian/not all western nations are caucasian) but the majority. And from what I have seen and experienced with myself, darker skin+ tan from the stronger sun helps with acne (at least with mine).
  13. Hello there, Well, my acne is back.... and yes only one side of my face mostly. It is on my right side, and lower than my nose, I believe in the area where I shave there. Quite annoyin, little red bumps, some become white heads, others red bumps, don't become real white heads
  14. Hello there, I have been looking for a green tea creme to help with my mild acne. Does anyone currently use one? Do you suggest using one is a good thing? Which one to use? Any suggestions and advice would be appreciated