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  1. yea, my avatar is actually pretty old. 6 years to be exact. at that time it started out pretty mild. these days i still get some new pimples here and there but my main problem is all the physical damage it has left behind. I have a bunch of bumps of my nose that haven't left for years. I also have a bunch of scars and redmarks on my cheeks and neck that never seem to heal. I know I need a complete change of attitude if I want to overcome this myself. I keep tellin' myself that I will
  2. I can't say that I entirely agree w. your statement. I don't think it's fair for you to assume that all rich people are spoiled brats who are ungrateful of their well being. Most atheletes and celebs do have to work very hard to get where they are right now. Also a lot of these ppl do give back to their communities and contribute to charities. Sure there are a few celebs who completely take what they have for granted but there are people like this in all social classes. If I had to blame
  3. scars should be the last thing on your mind. just be yourself and treat her w. respect. if she really likes you she would overlook something this minor. more importantly just have fun!
  4. It's ok to be jealous but don't let it consume you. Afterall it's just a state of mind but if you're constantly comparing yourself to others it can be detremental you your health. No matter how you look at it there will always be someone taller, better looking, richer, smarter then ourselves but instead of blaming our faults we need to say to ourselves, "what can i do to to achieve these things?" i know that its easier said then done but just keep in mind that for every person we wish to trad
  5. I haven't changed much over the past years. I've also been a quiet person before but having acne doesn't help my cause. The one thing that has probably changed the most is my self-esteem. I use to have a positive outlook on anything no matter how bad the situation was but now I'm constantly putting myself down.
  6. nice post. waay to often we complain about things w/o looking how fortunate we our. as long as i have my health and a roof over my head i really should be grateful. i don't know where i would be w/o music today. I love music from Fort Minor and LP. I have no trouble relating myself to most of their songs.
  7. Thx guys, I hope I didn’t come across as pathetic looser. I know I’m not the only one suffering from this. I am fortunate for everything I have and I know that it could be A LOT worse. I just need to break off the habit of living my life asking “what if..?� and just learn to accept it and make the best out of it. It’s just a lil hard right now when nothing seems to going your way. At this point I just feel I need a complete change of environment. I've pretty
  8. Hey everyone, I've been lurking around these boards for awhile now and finally decided to register. I don’t even know how to start but I live everyday dreading every second. It’s been like this for a few months now and I’ve pretty much given all hope that this would all go away some day. I really can’t pinpoint the source of how I got to feel this way but acne does play a big factor. Even as I type this, it’s Friday night and here I am hiding alone in my ba
  9. Flawed Design

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    The good ol' days...